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27 July 2011

Thom Hartmann Equates Boehner With Norwegian Terrorist


Left's New 'Terrorist' Def: All Of Our Enemies

Clever "progressives" have a new definition of "terrorist": anyone not adhering to their rigid doctrine.

Not advocating reckless spending? You're the Oklahoma City Bomber. Not demanding ever larger government? You're a 9-11 accomplice.

While Senator Al Franken (D-MN) rediscovers his inner alleged comedian unveiling a bizarre sign on the congressional floor, libtalker Thom Hartman isn't laughing. The syndicated host sees House Speaker John Boehner as having a direct connection to Norway's crazed shooter.

From yesterday's Thom Hartmann Show:

THOM HARTMANN (26 JULY 2011 - HOUR ONE - 2:01): If we had dealt with 9/11 the same way that we dealt with Oklahoma City [we would have said] 'We are gonna use the FBI, the CIA, Interpol...we're gonna find out who's backing [the terrorists] and we're going to arrest them.' That's what we did with Oklahoma City. That's what the Norwegians did with Anders Breivik, and...this is what we should [have done after] 9/11.

HARTMANN (3:32): The prime minister of Norway...said 'the answer to this [terror attack] is more democracy and a more open society'...George Bush said the response to [9/11] is to close down our create a national-security state, to be...very afraid, and to hand over as much power as possible to corporations.

HARTMANN (5:57): What caused [Breivik] to go off the deep end? I would submit to you that there is an absolute correlation between [Breivik's attacks and] what John Boehner did last night on television, which is lie to the American people for political gain and turn the president into an enemy for the purpose of political gain.

It wasn't too long ago that extreme rhetoric of this nature was reserved for fellow libtalker Mike Malloy. Now, almost all lefty hosts on the air have met or surpassed his level.


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