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12 July 2011

Caller Not Afraid To Challenge Al Sharpton Over Confiscatory Tax Hikes


Uncool Sharpton In Rare On-Air Meltdown

The Reverend Al Sharpton would have us believe he's incapable of losing his cool on the air. After all, callers are mere mortals, right? Would could they possibly say that's worth ruffling one's feathers?

During Tuesday's syndicated radio broadcast, however, a listener managed to push Sharpton's buttons, with explosive results.

Watch as caller Gregory in Detroit demands to know why Sharpton and other Obamists support confiscatory tax hikes on working people:

GREGORY IN DETROIT: Listening to your show, Reverend, all right I have heard so many people with low self-esteem issues. To actually advocate that politicians take someone else’s wealth or property is wrong. It just shows how jealous people are, you and your guests and your callers who actually are standing there saying hooray take that person’s income. They’ve earned it, it belongs to them, not to Obama, not to the Democrats, nobody! But yet still, you and your guest and your callers are advocating that their (rich people) property, their wealth be confiscated and be given away to someone else. I think there are low self esteem issues there. (Sharpton interrupts)

REVEREND AL SHARPTON: Wo - wo - wo - wo

DAVID A WILSON (Sharpton Entourage): How so?

SHARPTON: How to ask rich people and people of a higher income that ah to pay the same taxes that they were paying before Bush gave them a tax cut, just like everybody else is paying taxes, how is that confiscating they stuff, and is low self esteem for people that are middle class and poor to be paying a higher percentage of taxes than the rich? It would be low self esteem for me allow rich people to pay less than me and I don’t say something. Do you know the definition of self esteem?!


SHARPTON: What then how can that be self, self esteem is to say that a man does not have to pay tax on a corporate jet, but I gotta pay tax on everything I got!

GREGORY IN DETROIT: Nobody should pay taxes because the money belongs to whoever earns it. Not to there (Sharpton interrupts again)

SHARPTON: Then how come the money middle class and poor people make don’t belong to them?!

GREGORY IN DETROIT: It belongs to them too!


GREGORY IN DETROIT: Their money that they earn belongs to them too!

SHARPTON: Why are they paying taxes at a higher rate than the rich?

Don’t ask me!


WILSON: Greg let me ask you this, how does how can the government then make any money to take care of just basic how would police operate, how would teachers operate if no one should pay taxes?

Okay, to answer your question, go back to the way it was when it was the import taxes that supported the military and only the military, then there were contributions that teachers were in the private sector and the customers or the parents who sent their child to their schools to be taught by their person, they paid out their pocket because they weren’t paying the taxes back in those days. What you have is wealth confiscation by politicians who can; I’ve never seen a poor politician. I’ve never they can fly anywhere in this world using tax money. They can (Wilson interrupts)

WILSON: So you’re a libertarian Greg?

GREGORY IN DETROIT: Dyed in the wool Libertarian and I support individual rights, but y’all, I mean why are you so jealous of somebody (Wilson interrupts again)

WILSON: No no Greg Greg Greg no one jealous Greg.

SHARPTON: I’m trying to make sure it’s fair and equal. Well why are you protecting people who get an uneven advantage?

GREGORY IN DETROIT: Nobody’s unequal, it’s their income, they earned it!

It’s everybody’s income. You agreed with that, if everybody has, if it’s everybody’s income then why isn’t everybody paying the same percentage? Why are you so for an unequal percentage? If it’s everybody’s income Greg, then what’s the difference?

I have said that however much you earn you should be able to keep every last red cent.

SHARPTON: What? Then you should say that for everybody!

I have said that!

SHARPTON: What is how’s that jealous then? I’m saying that it’s unequal. That ain’t jealous, that saying that we gonna have one standard. Do you understand that?

GREGORY IN DETROIT: Yeah, nobody pays taxes and you keep all of the money that you earn. I don’t care if it is Warren Buffett, Gates Oprah you or me or the neighbor down the street. They’re should not be any foreign aid. There should not be any welfare whatsoever.

SHARPTON: Okay good I got that, but as long as we have to pay tax we all gonna pay the same tax. You got that!?

GREGORY IN DETROIT: Then don’t advocate for it Reverend, you advocate that we repeal the 16th Amendment?

SHARPTON: No no no don’t tell me what no no slow down slow down slow down lets slow down. Let’s go back to the front. You’re name Greg I’m Al, you advocate what you believe. I don’t believe what you believe. But, what I’m telling you is I’m going to advocate the same across the board. If we end up with no tax than nobody should have it., but, if we have a tax as we do now we should have one tax structure where the percentage are basically the same. Where you do not give tax cuts to rich people, talking about they’re going to trickle it down to jobs when that has not happened. That’s what I’m advocating! I’m not unclear about what I’m advocating. Now I’ll give you the opportunity to say what you want and you did say that, but don’t instruct me to advocate what you believe, cause I don’t believe that.

WILSON: Apparently Greg you don’t believe in any social services, right?

(Sharpton hangs up on the caller as Wilson asks him a question)

SHARPTON: Lily in Detroit. Lily you’re keeping it real with Al Sharpton.

Of course, when the debate really heated up, Sharpton chose to hang up on the caller.

Times have certainly changed: it was just two or three years ago that almost no one dared to challenge the Obamist Doctrine on Al's show (or nearly anywhere else). Now, dissenters are no longer afraid and that's most likely the real reason for Al's obvious frustration evident here.


  • Here is the truth boys & girls...

    Progressives like Sharpton & Obama believe that US currency is a state asset, even if you earned it. In the 10 pillars of communism...

    #1 is abolition of property in land & application of all rents of land to public purposes.

    #2 is a heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

    & #3 is the abolition of all rights to inheritance.

    ...all of which are related, & all of which progressives believe.

    BTW, in this nation, progressivism = socialism. Plus, if you understand what socialism leads to, you would want no part of it. It's like socialism is HIV, & full blown AIDS is communism. Hat tip to Andrew Wilkow for that analogy, & he's right.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 13 July, 2011 03:31  

  • If liberals could just come right out and outlaw success, they would. This caller is right-on.

    By Anonymous Phil Olypie, at 13 July, 2011 10:36  

  • Odd, it sounded like Sharpton was advocating for a flat tax; but what is this nonsense that middle class tax payers pay more than the wealthy?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 July, 2011 15:35  

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