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23 August 2011

Al Sharpton: I've Finally Been Hired For MSNBC Gig


Sharpton: I've Been Hired Permanently

Putting an end to persistent rumors he wouldn't get the gig, Reverend Al Sharpton told radio listeners today he's been permanently hired by MSNBC. What finally managed to convince Comcast suits to lock in the deal is unclear at this time.

Given Sharpton's dubious background, there have been significant public concerns regarding his presence at the liberal cable network. What kind of conditions might be attached to his contract is also not yet known.

The syndicated radio program is expected to continue (it's his main source of income).

In recent weeks, the Reverend's antics have been particularly questionable, given his close ties to the Obama Administration. How the new show will avoid becoming part of the president's 2012 re-election campaign remains to be seen.

Watch as happy camper Sharpton gets the champagne ready:

AL SHARPTON (23 August 2011): I want everybody to know that this afternoon MSNBC will announce my show is permanent and will be on every day, six o'clock and we gonna call it Politics Nation with Al Sharpton. And we on so y’all gonna be seeing a lot of Reverend Wilson and everybody else on the air.

What I say was I gonna get on permanent? I’m gonna be on starting NOW, six o’clock every day and we’re gonna keep it going an stay on the radio and stay out there on the road with National Action Network and New TV One.

Cause I wanted you to know that Rev. Wilson and all my listeners before it hit the wires. All right!


  • Between Special Ed and now Al Sharpton, we can now reasonably conclude that the name of the network should be dumb-SNBC.

    By Anonymous Robert Fortis, at 23 August, 2011 22:27  

  • I can't think of anyone that could possible represent CNBC better than Al Sharpton! The gift that keeps on giving.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 August, 2011 20:56  

  • Does no one remember the Tawana Brawley fiasco? Yet, Al Sharpton, who accused EVERYBODY of covering up her lies, is on tv and radio, happily spewing nonesense. No wonder the rest of the enlightened world is concerned about what's going on in this country!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 February, 2012 08:38  

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