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18 August 2011

Al Sharpton: Rick Perry 'Swiftboating' Obama


Rev Al Tries His Hand At 'Operation Scary Perry'

What will successfully undermine Rick Perry's presidential bid? Our "progressive" Democrat friends need to know as soon as possible.

Could the stakes be any higher?

With its seldom-heard programming, liberal talk radio is the perfect place to road-test strategies and tactics. And given his career-threatening association with Obama, no one has a greater incentive to participate than the Reverend Al Sharpton.

But this line of attack sure is half-baked: in what way is Rick Perry "swiftboating" Obama? Does this even make sense?

Watch as Sharpton does his part to advance Operation Scary Perry:

AL SHARPTON (6:48): But I’m beginning to see that Rick Perry is coming on with almost a Swift Boat kind of strategy. He [Perry] said that people need to elect a president that is proud of America. Like if President Obama is un-American, or not proud of America.

Then he took a shot at him saying, the military would be proud of him because he was one of them because the president didn’t serve in the military. And we’re beginning to see signs that they’re going to try to Swift Boat come real heavy at President Obama.

Al's strategy here is certainly swift, but not terribly sharp.


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