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19 August 2011

Lefty Host David Shuster Furious Over Obama Canadian Bus Flap


Former MSNBCer: 'Fox Hates The Secret Service'

Another day, another silly attempt at smearing Fox News.

Because they dared to report on Obama's made-in-Canada bus flap, one libtalker believes the network "hates the Secret Service."

Yes, this assertion's more than a stretch, but our lefty friends specialize in this brand of embellishment. Former MSNBC talker (now of CurrentTV with Keith Olbermann) David Shuster is absolutely incensed given his assertion that most of the bus fleet's parts were actually manufactured in the US.

While filling in for Bill Press yesterday, Shuster spent the better part of an hour railing against Fox for its coverage. What a great way to deflect from Obama's sagging poll ratings, a sinking stock market and souring economy thanks to Obamanomics.

Shuster has a particular obsession with News Corp, lamenting in July over Rupert Murdoch's "surprisingly" human performance before a parliamentary committee.

But we're still unsure how this means Fox somehow hates the Secret Service, watch for yourself and see if you can figure it out:

DAVID SHUSTER (12:19): Our question is, why does Fox News hate America? Why does Fox News hate the Secret Service?

SHUSTER (12:57): I think this is some sort of deliberate game to smear this president. To use anything they possibly can to fool their listening audience. It's something that Fox News does everyday, is they try to fool people. They don't bother with the facts because they have their right-wing talking points and right now their right-wing talking point is, well we need to get people all fired up against this president because we're into a campaign and we need to throw everything we have against him.

Nowhere in Shuster's long rant is any suggestion Obama may be responsible for his own poor performance, it's entirely blamed on his opponents.

And according to Huffington Post, he's delivered similar (if tamer) rants recently on television. We hope our "progressive" friends have a better strategy than this, otherwise 2012 will prove dull indeed.


  • Getting booted from MSNBC, and now he is relegated to Al Gore's glorified public access channel. Gee, what a smashing success he is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 August, 2011 00:27  

  • Anyone remember when Algore said Current would be non-partisan and non-political?

    By Blogger Lone Ranger, at 20 August, 2011 03:36  

  • David Shuster goes out & says what he is told to say. Like any good political butt-boy, he knows who's paying him. It is what it is, & Shuster is who he is. Truth be damned if that gets in the way of his opinion. BTW, that goes for Al Gore, Keith Olbermann, & Bill Press.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 20 August, 2011 21:32  

  • Brian, I am having trouble accessing your site because I keep getting pulled to something called Which seems to be part of something called tucowsdomains. Maybe there is something that can be done at your end, I don't know, but whatever is the problem, your frontpage is off limits to me right now.

    Thanks for looking at this, please do something if possible

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 September, 2011 09:22  

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