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16 August 2011

Liberal Actress/'Comedian' Re-Ups On Violent Rhetoric


Libtalk Promotes Violence For Fun And Profit

For our "progressive" friends, advocating violence against enemies isn't just politically useful, it's also funny and even profitable.

Yes, when we say something really, really sickening, it can go on a T-shirt and make us money!

From today's Stephanie Miller Show, watch as alleged actress / would-be comedian Aisha Tyler calls for Rush Limbaugh's death via immolation:

AISHA TYLER (9:40): Oh god! Catch on fire, you douche bag!

SHOW PRODUCER: He’d (Limbaugh) burn for a good long time actually. That’s a lot of lamp oil there.

TYLER: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, that was good! That was enjoyable.

MILLER: The Stephanie Miller show wishes to apologize for anything Aisha Tyler has said except the things... [Tyler interrupts]

TYLER: Yes, the violent lefty Liberal

MILLER: ...that end up on t-shirts and make us money.

Of course, the Tyler/Miller tag team has pulled this before and it smacks of a good old-fashioned radio stunt, a desperate plea for much-needed career attention.

But it's worth noting here anyway, for one reason: it illustrates how lefties use Rush (through feigned "outrage") to move up the "progressive" ladder. The more outrageous the comment, the more applause from deranged liberals. It's worked before and will again.


  • This is endemic of the left's New Civility. Only people the left doesn't agree with must watch what they say (or think!). The left can laugh about abortion, riot violence, and torture and it's just peachy.

    By Anonymous nolotrippen, at 17 August, 2011 09:36  

  • She sounds like a racist to me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 10:06  

  • What these people don't get is that the people who watch their shows also listen to Limbaugh. It's sad that they open their mouth and then hurt the other cast members who are smart enough to keep their opinions to themselves.
    Aisha Tyler is not main stream in her opinion and she needs to remember what America did to the Dixie Chicks and Garth Brooks. Stop trying to make news and do your job. Be the voice of a cartoon character and quit trying to be one!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 10:27  

  • Who the heck is Aisha Tyler, I've never heard of this person before. Free publicity is her game here. What a toad.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 10:27  

  • Don't you just love that tolerating left?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 10:45  

  • You aught to be ashamed. This is a classic case of the only way you can look good is to make others looks bad. Had someone on the right said this about someone you know or love you would be incensed, but as he is a public figure, I guess that means good old fashioned decency doesn't apply. Shame, shame, shame.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 10:52  

  • I hope Taylor dies in a fire----I like her becasue I have now decided to wish and speak about Liberals the way libs speak about anyone o n the right. Lets see----- Pelosi is a whore----Michelle Obama is a cu-t----- where can I get my Debbie Wasserman Schultz can suck my C%$k shirt. If Eli Roth can say he wants a shirt about Bauchman I can say that about Schultz. oh yeah Damon I wish someone puts a tube in his but to blow him up like Mathews wanted the same to happen to Rush. UP YOURS LIBERALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous WOOOOOO, at 17 August, 2011 10:54  

  • So it would be okay if I hoped that everything Tyler wishes on someone else would come back on her twofold? I mean, if it's okay for her.... Love the "new tone."

    What a maroon.

    By Blogger SQT, at 17 August, 2011 11:00  

  • There better be someone chronicling every single hateful, nasty,racist statement by Leftists - politicians,and in this case, ShowBiz-ers - during every single day of this "presidency", and put it in a book,so that future Republicans/Conservatives hold them up to journalists and other equally childish Leftists as evidence, to be able to say such insults against them, and be able to get away with them, JUST LIKE THEY ALWAYS HAVE.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 11:14  

  • Aisha is an islamic name.It was the name of mohhamed's nine year old wife.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 11:40  

  • I hate that... when there's an actress you sort of like, but then you find out she's a complete douchebag... it taints every performance she does from then on... then you find another less annoying actress to watch. Oh, well...

    By Blogger mistercalm, at 17 August, 2011 11:58  

  • Don't you hate it when there is an actress you sort of like, and then you find out she's a complete douchebag? Oh, well...

    By Blogger mistercalm, at 17 August, 2011 11:59  

  • How's that "new tone" workin' for ya?

    By Anonymous TooOldToBeCool, at 17 August, 2011 14:57  

  • This is racist but these kind of people are too ignorant and uneducated to realize this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 15:28  

  • *Sigh*

    I used to be a major fan of Aisha Tyler. She was probably the smartest and funniest host of Talk Soup until McHale came along. I will no longer support her through fandom or monetary means.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 16:08  

  • I don't care what she said, I'd like to bang her.

    By Anonymous Humper, at 17 August, 2011 16:52  

  • Another heartfelt, compassionate comment from the oh so tolerant left. Normal folks wouldn't tolerate such ignorant comments from their eight year old kids, but the left loves these morons. This knucklehead is positioning herself to be the next Bill Maher, or maybe Jon Stewart's summer replacement. What a laughable harpy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 19:03  

  • Rush is not only a douchebag, but a racist, lying, plutocratic douchebag to boot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 19:18  

  • We all know what would happen if a known conservative entertainer had mad this kind of comment about pelosi, or obama.
    What's more wrong then these comments; is the fact that the major media completely ignored them.
    A conservative would be crucified frequently and for ever.

    By Blogger Bronco46, at 17 August, 2011 20:09  

  • Hey aisha, so you don't like Rush. Lots of folks who don't like or disagree with Black politics may want to see a few die by hanging. How's that byatch. You are married to a white dude. That makes you a racist.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2011 20:11  

  • We all know what would have happened if a known conservative had made these kinds of remarks about Michael Moore, or any other lefty.
    The fact that this was not even mentioned by any major media outlet is disgusting.

    By Blogger Bronco46, at 17 August, 2011 20:13  

  • Way to get sucked into someone's publicity exercise, Radio Equalizer. But does extending her rhetoric as a stereotypical trope of a political point of view reinforce your argument, or counter it?

    On the other hand, Rush Limbaugh has a long, long history of saying outrageous things, some promoting violence as a cure for societal ills, but when called on it, disclaims his statements as theatre of the absurd.

    Two wrongs don't make a right, but it might have been a factor in Ms Tyler's mind.

    By Anonymous Snertly, at 18 August, 2011 10:23  

  • There's a lot of hate behind that pretty smile. It's a little disconcerting but I'm not really surprised. Hey I wonder if she voted for Obama? (Rhetorical question)

    By Blogger semus, at 18 August, 2011 13:44  

  • Typical liberal who can't argue facts. The only thing she has done is Friends and that was so 1990s.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2011 14:53  

  • Who?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2011 18:29  

  • Michelle Malkin has more than enough material to print Volume 2 of "Unhinged". Stephanie Miller and this what's-her-face comedienne are making sure of this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2011 22:13  

  • If Aisha Tyler thinks violence is funny, maybe she could start dating Chris Brown. He beat the crap out of Rihanna, so Ms.Tyler could expect to take one for the team as well. My guess is she would pass on a violent beating, & she should shut her damn mouth about joking about that involving public & political figures. But I will say this, judging from what I've seen, nobody will ever beat any sense into her, because as Ron White said, "You can't fix stupid".

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 19 August, 2011 02:24  

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