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11 August 2011

Sharpton Denies Tax Troubles When Confronted By Caller


Rev Al Plays Dumb Over IRS Penalties

If Al Sharpton were to suddenly split for Tahiti, it wouldn't surprise us a bit.

After all, it's been a bad week, not just a result of his now-infamous on-air flubbery, but also an increasingly hostile radio listenership that's taken to outright heckling.

When confronted by one caller over his growing tax troubles, he played dumb, claiming he didn't know what she was talking about. The subject was abruptly changed to Rush Limbaugh (who had some fun tackling the Reverend's troubles during today's show).

While her specific reference to a new AP story (we couldn't find it) did add confusion, it's more than clear he owes the IRS a bundle.

He's brought all of this trouble upon himself, isn't that obvious?

Interestingly, he sounds just as inarticulate here as on television earlier this week. Is the good Reverend distracted for some reason?

AL SHARPTON (3:24): Let’s go to Pamela in Jersey City, Pamela?

PAMELA IN JERSEY CITY: ah ya your Comcast scandal plus you owe two million dollars to taxes, what say you? The AP Reporters now are going to have a scandal with Comcast that the Republicans will use and use. They’re investigating that now. That’s why you got that job at NBC. Plus you owe 2.4 million dollars to taxes, so what’s going on? Please clarify, we read it on AP an hour ago.

SHARPTON: Okay thank you for your call. [laughs] I don’t know what you're talking about, but I guess you do.


Ah, David A. Wilson is in the ah studio and all kinds of craziness and so I guess that means we did the right thing by making sure we turn on the heat ah ah with our shows.

DAVID A WILSON: If Rush Limbaugh is angry than you definitely did something right.

SHARPTON: Ha ha ha!

DAVID A WILSON: Actually if you did everything wrong, he’d still be angry. He can't you know the guys just angry.

SHARPTON: That’s right, that’s right.

That's right, it's all Rush's fault. Do you think you're fooling anybody?



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