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15 August 2011

Sharpton, Guest: GOP To Blame For Obama's Sagging Approval Ratings


Rev Al: Republicans Undermining Obama & America

In the wacky world of Al Sharpton & Friends, destroying Obama's popularity is just the first phase of an eeeeeevil Republican plan to sink not only the president, but America as a whole.

Now that their mean (!!!!!!) words have directly caused Barack's approval ratings to sag, the GOP will soon launch phase two, a wholesale, nationwide elimination of civil rights.

Clever scheme, isn't it!

If only Republicans could be that effective.

Luckily for Obama, absolutely nothing he's done has led to the poll collapse, as Republican counterrevolutionaries have instead unwisely ripped up the Dear Leader's blueprint for a glorious future.

From Sharpton's Monday radio program, watch as the reverend and guest Earl Ofari Hutchinson sidestep reality:

AL SHARPTON (15 August 2011): The President’s approval numbers dropped to an all time low of 39%. Now, Ronald Reagan has also been and 39% and won reelection, but that is a troubling number, you’re not only under 50 you’re under 40%.

So they (Republicans) intend to do whatever they can to not only defeat this President, but to turn back the clock on this whole pro-civil rights pro-strong federal government looking out for the middle class and the poor. This whole kind of agenda.

EARL OFARI HUTCHINSON: Well you know, Rev Al, the sad part about it is and I think we have to be brutally frank and we are you know we are political and social realists here. We don’t sugarcoat anything and look at anything thing through rose colored glasses what we want to see. We look at what is and also the possibility of making change.

Having said that, at this point in time the brutal reality is they (Republicans) are dominating the agenda. Everything you just ticked off Al, especially the assault on government, maybe we could even say the tsunami against government, we can see it.

Obviously, Sharpton's in a tough spot: he's tied his career fortunes to an exceptionally unpopular president, one whose day in the sun is quickly fading. To save his own neck, however, he'd better come up with something more clever than ineffective spinmeistering.


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