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27 September 2011

Libtalker: Hate To Agree With Rick Perry, But...


Agreeing With Perry, Lefties In A Pickle

Could the left's Operation Scary Perry be coming to a quick end?

Given the Texas governor's clear agreement with our "progressive" friends on more than one issue, they're looking especially silly at the moment.

Widely derided by conservatives, Perry's debate performance last week has libs in a pickle: should they really continue to trash a guy who adamantly supports in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens? His response would have fit right in at MSNBC.

In recent days, libtalkers have carefully maneuvered around this minefield, offering praise where they concur, but ramping up the personal smear factor to preserve precious "progressive" street cred. We wouldn't want to upset the collective! After all, he's still an eeeeeeevil Republican!

Filling in for Randi Rhodes, here's how lefty author/editor David Sirota handled it:

DAVID SIROTA (RANDI RHODES SHOW - FRIDAY 23 SEPT 2011 HOUR ONE 03:24): I'm not feeling all that sweet about agreeing with Rick Perry, who increasingly is behaving like a psychopath, but I guess if a stopwatch is right twice a day I guess Rick Perry is right once in a while.


SIROTA (50:06): Rick Santorum I think is a - is a political psychopath!!! Not to put too fine a point on it - this is a guy who likens homosexuality to bestiality. This guy is way, way out there. He is on the Taliban wing of the Republican Party. So I think he really believes that. But I wonder how many Americans believe that.

Yes, ALL of our political opponents are "psychopaths", isn't that convenient?


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