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22 June 2011

Libtalkers Seize Upon Discredited Rick Perry Rumors


Smear Campaign Begins Even Before Candidacy

Wish we could blame this on the left's usual bottom-feeders, but they're merely participating in a renewed whisper-campaign kicked off by the supposedly-respectable Politico.

With Texas Governor Rick Perry considering joining the GOP presidential field, Operation Scary Perry has been unveiled by our "progressive" friends:

STEPHANIE MILLER (1:18:07): Is he [Limbaugh] making fun of people’s looks?

LAVOIE (PRODUCER): Looks, yes. Rush Limbaugh, of all people.

MILLER: Who better suited to do that? Okay wow! I’m not really sure if that was sexist or just mean?

All of the above!

All right.

How does that relate to Rick Perry?

LAVOIE: He’s [Limbaugh] claiming that all liberals are saying that Rick Perry looks like an alien.

I’ve never heard that.

I’ve never heard that either. He pulling....

MILLER: If he [Rick Perry] he turns out to be gay Rush won’t be [Lavoie interrupts]

Noted homosexual Rick Perry.

MILLER: No, we don’t know that for sure, Politico!

LAVOIE: Ha ha ha.

That a host who recently emerged from a lifetime in the closet would participate in grade-school level gay-baiting isn't worth noting, is it?

For the cause, all bets are off.


  • I have been hearing that it was honorable to be gay. So why do they care one way or another? If they want to smear Rick you would think they would say he is straight.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 June, 2011 10:08  

  • Good point! I thought the same thing when reading the article.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 June, 2011 12:39  

  • Perry isn't scarry because "he's gay", he's scarry because he is a member of Bilderberg.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 June, 2011 13:34  

  • I guess the Pink Swastikas don't like gays if they don't play their game.
    It was always rumerd that Bill Clinton was bi-sexual and that Hillary was a Lesbian when they were at Yale in New Haven. It was also rumered that Bill was very fond of some in the Wiffen-Poofs.
    Who cares what the Pink Swastikas have to say. Maybe they can get Weiner the Peter Tweeter to be their spokesman.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 June, 2011 16:18  

  • If Rick Perry is or was gay, then the liberals and dems should definately vote for him!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 June, 2011 16:56  

  • Notice how hypocritical libs are about homosexuality and gay rumors about politicians. Notice that the allegations of Larry Sinclair concerning his homosexual tryst with Obama in Chicago back in 1999 have gotten absolutely no play in the liberal mainstream media because it is considered beyond the pale. Yet a gay rumor about Perry that doesn't have one-tenth the credibility of Sinclair's allegations--after all, Sinclair is a real person and has come forward with details about his time with Obama, in comparison to unnamed sources with regard to Perry--gets play and is being dredged up again by those on the left.

    Well, if anything, perhaps this will give Sinclair's story traction in the mainstream media.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 June, 2011 23:41  

  • what amazing hypocrisy, I thought the gay community and their lib cheer leaders would love Ricky, what's up with this hate speech?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 June, 2011 13:09  

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