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15 October 2011

Ed Schultz: I'll Give Occupy Protesters Nightly Program Time


Schultz: 'Occupy' In Tune With Working People


As part of their relentless quest to produce the tiniest-possible ratings, MSNBC hosts have had to become especially clever to chase away remaining viewers.

In a fresh breakthrough, however, talker Ed Schultz says he'll give Occupy Wall Street protesters DAILY COVERAGE until the last trust fund baby leaves the park.

Congratulations, Big Ed, you've just uncovered the holy grail of bad television programming! Chris Matthews must be scrambling to meet this fresh challenge.

As Schultz's pledge coincides precisely with Obama 2012's campaign strategy, this is no accident. Team Four More Years Of Misery believes the Occupy movement is key to re-election.

That means Schultz can most likely turn his program into a stealth Obama 2012 infomercial without running afoul of the FCC or Federal Election Commission.

So feel free to knock yourself out, Ed!

From Friday's Ed Schultz radio show, here's the audio. We especially love his assertion that "working people" are spending their free time in solidarity with this extended gathering of the nation's spoiled brats:

ED SCHULTZ (11:11): And I got news for you - these folks, they ain't going away. They are not going away. 'Cause this is what the working folks are talking about. This is what the cabbies in New York are talking about, this is what the cabbies in Washington are talking about, this is what the truck drivers are listening to, this is what the construction workers are doing over a lunch break.

They're hearing this stuff and they're seeing it on TV. And I'm going to put it on TV every night. I'm going to put it on TV every night 'til the last protester goes home and, you know what, this is going to be a story until the next election. And these folks are *not* going to disengage. They will be there.

Bonus material! Listen as sheltered, Oregon-based "progressive" bubble libtalker Thom Hartmann attempts to give Obama credit for inspiring Arab Spring revolutions! It's truly yuk-worthy:

THOM HARTMANN (37:03): President Obama...went to the Middle East, went to Egypt and stood next to a dictator and said, 'You people shouldn't have to put up with dictators anymore,' and guess what, [the] first country to go down was Egypt.

He created the Arab Spring.

Hey Thom, what about Tunisia? Didn't that come first? Did Obama cause that, or was it the self-immolation of a young merchant fed up with government tyranny?


  • Brian, there is nothing "stealth" about the Obama infomercial on MSNBC, NOTHING, & it's not just Special Ed's show. But I will tell Ed this...If this really is "the 99%", your side better kick the GOP/conservatives/tea party's ass by a massive landslide in November 2012. I also will be surprised if "The Ed Show" is still on the air.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 18 October, 2011 09:13  

  • Every ad on MSNBC should be free.
    No one sees them.
    Another freebie from Ed.....The kingpin of "free stuff" and free rides.

    By Blogger AliveStillKickin, at 18 October, 2011 18:44  

  • Why wouldn't the ed show still be on television, I really believe the tea party republicans are afraid and Obama will win for this reasons he is sane.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 October, 2011 21:55  

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