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13 October 2011

Hideous Libtalkers: Let's Poison Bachman, Ridicule Christie's 'Thing'


Lefty Hate Machine Not Limited To Frontrunners

Don't our "progressive" friends have better things to do than pick on struggling campaigns and those not running at all? Apparently not: left-wing politics circa 2011-2012 are all about taking the cheapest and meanest shots possible.

And if it sells extra tickets for a "sexy liberal comedy" tour, all the better.

This week's libtalk Cruelty Capital is most certainly the Stephanie Miller Show, where Steph & Friends have made disgusting cracks about poisoning Michele Bachmann (!!) and ridiculed Chris Christie's private parts.

How it's sometimes done: have a producer make the nasty comment, then "disavow" it while giggling away into the next commercial break. Next time, it's the host's turn. By spreading the hate, no one person in the studio appears particularly horrible.

Here are two especially disgusting examples:

STEPHANIE MILLER: What were you just playing there Edie? What instrument did you choose there? What was that?

EDIE MCCLURG [ACTRESS]: The bean bead pod from Jazz fest.

MILLER: You have an amazing array of phallic-shaped percussive instruments.

WARD: Phallic? In some species, maybe.

Well yes, if someone sat on it. That’s how Chris Christie’s looks. Oh come on I don’t know that for sure. If you had a lot of weight on it, it would be flat.

LAVOIE: You can’t sit on your thing.

MILLER: He (Chris Christie) probably hasn’t seen his (penis) in years, how would he know

Here's the second, lister-ical outburst:

JIM WARD (STEPHANIE MILLER PRODUCER): Is it still a lie if you’re stupid?

He [Marcus Bachmann] could hire a lot more de-gayers at his de-gaying clinic.

I think someone should feed her (Michele Bachmann) some listeria-filled cantaloupe.



WARD: She [Michele Bachmann] doesn’t want food regulation or food safety of any kind!

MILLER: Jim Ward meant that in a theoretical sense and the Stephanie Miller show wishes to distance itself from Jim Ward in general. (Staff laughs)

WARD: Put your money where your mouth is!

MILLER and LAVOIE: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

WARD: Put your money where your listeria-filled mouth is if you don't want food safety!

Is it really OK to
suggest the poisoning of one's political opponents? Perhaps in Russia or Venezuela, but America? Welcome to "progressive" politics in 2011.


  • This discussion sounds just like the children that they are. Are there any adults around? Where are the fart jokes?

    By Anonymous Mother Kedilip, at 14 October, 2011 21:55  

  • Rather than poison her, I'd rather put her in a forced labor camp rebuilding bridges and railroad tracks, along with all you Republicans.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 December, 2011 11:18  

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