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20 October 2011

Libtalkers Cheer Book-Burning, Slam Americans As Too Dumb To Appreciate Obama


Libtalkers: Burn Those Books, Baby!

Isn't it funny how "progressives" routinely claim conservatives are actually card-carrying fascists? So what exactly does it mean when lefties spend the day cheering the burning of books by American troops in Afghanistan?

Of course, it's OKAY to torch books when they're written by eeeeeeevil people with whom we disagree.

During today's Stephanie Miller Show, we caught the host and her entourage positively giddy over the Bill O'Reilly-authored bonfire. What happens, however, when theirs are next to go up in smoke?

Things became even more surreal a bit later as Miller and a guest lamented stupid Americans who fail to appreciate Obama's enviable military prowess.

Here are both clips:

STEPHANIE MILLER: Oh my goodness, I love this story. Troops in Afghanistan burned donated copies of Bill O’Reilly’s books.

JIM WARD: Ha ha ha!

CHRIS LAVOIE: Oh yeah, this is awesome.

MILLER: (laughing) According to Gawker what did soldiers in Afghanistan do with copies of Pinheads and Patriots their Dad’s sent in a care package? They set them on fire.

That’s great!

MILLER: A tumbler maintained by a soldier stationed in Afghanistan said some jerk sent us two boxes of this awful book.

WARD: Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

DAVID BENDER (STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW GUEST): I wish I thought that any of this (Gaddafi killed) mattered. I mean you (Miller) and I were together when Osama Bin Laden when the President made that announcement we both looked at each other and thought this was an extraordinary moment that the country might come together, they might appreciate this President. That was a bump that lasted what, a month?

Is it is it a good thing to show that this President that this Secretary of State this administration can deal with the rest of the world, yes. But, American’s are very myopic. They think Libya is probably a state. I mean if you asked Herman Cain he’d say it was Libya-stan.

Meanwhile, it's been a banner week for "progressive" hate speech (an embarrassment of riches!) and we've been busy making clips for your enjoyment. We'll catch up here as soon as possible.


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