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28 October 2011

Politico Reporter Makes Bizarre Comment About Cain Ad


What Exactly Is Beltway Scribe Suggesting?

Yes, that now-infamous "Smoking Man" Herman Cain ad is strange, there's no doubt about it. What exactly were his advisers thinking?

To exploit the situation for cheap political points, however, leave it to our liberal media friends. But what happens when the results are far creepier than the campaign's misstep?

Here, watch as Beltway scribe Glenn Thrush of the liberal Politico makes a disturbing observation. What exactly is he suggesting?

From the Bill Press Show, October 27 2011:

GLENN THRUSH, POLITICO (1:26:05): Didn't that just strike you as sort of weirdly being post-coital? '

BILL PRESS: Because of the cigarette?

THRUSH: And the smile.

And here's the
ad in question (in case you've been living under a rock):

Since his aide is the one taking a puff, followed by Cain himself smiling, what exactly is Thrush insinuating? Why do liberals so often resort to childish gay-baiting to undermine their opponents?

As to the ad itself, it's peculiar, but could it in fact be highly effective?

Given its widespread attention, it's possible to make that case. Finding the open use of a lit cigarette bold and daring, Rush Limbaugh certainly thinks so. Of course, on cue, that's led to predictable liberal blowback.

The bottom line: we're all talking about Cain and his campaign, so you'd better believe it's paid for itself! When was the last time Herman's opponents generated this kind of buzz?


  • I personally think the Cain people are playing the media like a violin.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 October, 2011 19:05  

  • I get the message with the's all about freedom. It's brilliant!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 October, 2011 19:07  

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