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25 October 2011

Ron Reagan: Republicans Engaging In Voter-Suppression Schemes


...Or So It Seems

Did you know there's an active effort underway to prevent millions of Americans from voting in next year's elections? Neither did we, but sure enough, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Republicans are behind this sinister scheme.

Thankfully, we have our Democratic Party friends to sound the alarm on this coordinated trickery, which they say will deny five million their legal right to cast a ballot.

And happily spreading the word is remarkably well-adjusted, not at all unhinged Ron Reagan, who filled in for Arianna Huffington this week on Both Sides Now.

Of course, they've obscured the GOP's real concern: voter fraud. On their website, Dems don't provide any specifics, probably no accident.

For his part, Reagan claims there's no voter fraud in this country (weren't they screaming about this in 2000?) so why demand IDs at polling places?

It must be RACIST!!!!!

From the most recent edition of Both Sides Now with Arianna Huffington and Mary Matalin:

RON REAGAN (3:40): There simply isn't a big problem with voter fraud, so what's happening is that we're getting a big problem with voter suppression. The Republicans know that the fewer people who vote, the more it favors them, so they'd like fewer people to vote, and that is profoundly anti-democratic.

Exactly HOW are Republicans engaging in "voter suppression"? Beyond advocating for proof of identity (how many adults really don't have some form of it?) there's nothing to point to that backs up "progressive" allegations.

What's the REAL agenda here? Simple: over the next 12 months, condition Americans to believe the GOP can only win by cheating. That's the bottom line.


  • You are underestimating the American public; vote suppression is a serious matter and no red-blooded (or blue-blooded for that matter) voter is going to believe that a major political party would resort to such shenanigans. Or am I being naive?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 26 October, 2011 08:57  

    Whoa! Democrats Pass Strict Voter ID Law in Rhode Island

    Indiana Dem Resigns Amid Investigation of Fake 2008 Primary Petition Signatures

    By Blogger StewartIII, at 26 October, 2011 16:18  

  • ACORN had a lock on cheating, and now the Dems are worried since they are in somewhat disarray over the ramifications of their getting caught.

    By Anonymous Catherine Estophan, at 27 October, 2011 12:58  

  • Catherine is partially right; ACORN cheated, but Democrats are not in disarray. Obama has a crack team that has raised more money than any Republican candidate. The fight will be tough and close next November

    By Anonymous Jacques C. Sprenger, at 30 October, 2011 16:23  

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