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30 November 2011

MSNBC'S Schultz To GQ: 'Kiss My Ass'


Schultz Steaming Over GQ 'Least Influential' Dig

Clearly nursing a bruised ego, Ed Schultz is lashing out over a brutal dig dished out earlier this week by GQ.

Named to their annual "least influential" list, MSNBC's bloated blowhard used his syndicated radio show to blast the men's magazine, telling them to "kiss my ass".

Adding a conspiratorial element to the mix, Schultz insinuated that CNN rival Anderson Cooper might have played a role in Big Eddie's dubious honor.

For good measure, Schultz asserted that he is in fact influential, especially in Ohio and Wisconsin or something like that.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy, this one is good:

ED SCHULTZ (3:17): And, you know, look, if you do a cable show, you have a radio show, whatever, if you're fat and you've got red hair, look, they're going to pick on you. That's the way it is. And I'm OK with that. Just spell the last name right.

SCHULTZ (4:32): Now, and I know that Anderson Cooper floats around in that GQ crowd. I don't know if he's behind it or whether their publicist at CNN, but let me just say, I'm kicking his ass, OK?

SCHULTZ (11:30): By the way, I'm very influential. You can go ask the governor of Ohio and it won't be long before you can ask the governor of Wisconsin. So kiss my ass, GQ.

If you think Ed's "OK with that", you haven't seen his mega-ego in action. This one HURTS and he is SORE!

Dems: Barney Frank 'Saved Economy'


Dems Lament Loss Of Legendary Grump

If you thought Democrats were happy to lose longtime embarrassment Barney Frank, you'd apparently be mistaken.

Though the notoriously combative Bay State rep's retirement has Republicans and conservative talkers doing handstands, his own side believes Barney walks on water.

Though some partisan praise would be expected, a Democratic National Committee spokesman went way over the top yesterday, claiming "the economy would have gone straight in the toilet" if not for Frank.

That the economy IS IN THE TOILET seems unclear to our Dem friends. And that's before we've even had a chance to pick apart Frank's real record.

From the Bill Press Show:

BRAD WOODHOUSE, DNC SPOKESMAN (4:27): He’s [Barney Frank] been so vital to the country at what he’s done over the past several years, especially after the president [Obama] got into office. He was chairing the committee that was working with Senator Dodd that set up these consumer protections, which incredibly Republicans are fighting.

For some reason Republicans think that protecting consumers from the type of greed that went on during the financial collapse, the type of tricky trades and and and ah risky business that led to so many people losing their livelihoods. They [Republicans] want to block the consumer financial protection bureau, hopefully the President will and Senate Democrats will overcome that.

BILL PRESS: But that wouldn’t exist without Barney, he was the champion of that from the beginning.

BRAD WOODHOUSE: Would not have exited. Look in fact the economy would have gone straight in the toilet if not for Barney Frank and his leadership.

Memo to delusional Dems: isn't it time to shelve this "we saved the economy" silliness for good? File it away next to "green shoots".

24 November 2011

MSNBC Libtalker Ed Schultz: Those Cops Are PIGS


Can Talker Score Lefty Points With 'Pig' Talk?

Boy, has Ed Schultz picked a bad time to suck up to his supposed "progressive" comrades! In his latest attempt at scoring major lefty points, the MSNBC talker resorted to repeatedly calling University of California cops "PIGS".

The incident occurred during his syndicated radio program earlier this week.

But today it has emerged that the real truth behind the now infamous pepper spray incident at otherwise-invisible UC Davis is far different than what has been reported to date.

The Right Scoop
has caught "progressives" admitting that police were simply defending themselves from hostile protesters:

PROTESTER INTERVIEWED ON DEMOCRACY NOW! TELEVISION PROGRAM: Well we were protesting together and the riot cops came at us and we linked arms and sat down peacefully to protest their presence on our campus. And then at one point they were – we had encircled them and they were trying to leave and they were trying to clear a path.

And so we sat down, linked arms and said that if they wanted to clear the path they would have to go through us. But we were on the ground, you know, heads down and all I could see was people telling me to cover my head, protect myself and put my head down. And the next thing I know we were pepper-sprayed.

Given that revelation, would pig-headed Schultz care to take back this tirade?

ED SCHULTZ (09:04): It is amazing to me that there is a law enforcement official who felt it compelled, and I'm going to say something now that is really distasteful but I feel like I have to say it because I am a product of the sixties, this is how law enforcement got the term pig. This is, this is how they got labeled pigs. And that term just turns my stomach.

SCHULTZ (10:31): I equate this to the Rodney King beating. I really do. The action, the action's no different than taking a nightstick out on a guy or to go right up and pepper-spray people right in the face when they are absolutely harmless. What's the difference?

Our advice for Schultz: next year, stick to turkey.

21 November 2011

Sharpton & Friends Struggle To Support Flaky Occupy Movement


Umm, What To Say About Those Rich White Kids?

Lest they be seen as unsupportive toward a key "progressive" cause, nothing's more amusing than observing Al Sharpton & Friends make obligatory excuses for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Reverend and his pals aren't the best actors, however, so their natural hesitation at embracing what is, after all, mostly a bunch of rich suburban white kids is difficult to hide.

With new revelations that some are staying in $700-a-night Manhattan hotels, these concerns have only been reinforced.

In two examples from the past week, listen as Keeping It Real With Al Sharpton guests and hosts do their ideological best to cover for Occupy's aimless flakiness even when their hearts just aren't in it.

The first clip is from Friday's syndicated radio program:

AL SHARPTON (18 November 2011) (19:03): Occupy Wall Street, the day of action yesterday. How do you view it?

GEORGE CURRY (SHARPTON GUEST / ACTIVIST): Well, I went to the one here in DC and I think I see some of the questions of the leaders there saying what do you want? Are you going to run for office?

They want this whole agenda there when really people are really expressing their disgust and disappointment with where we are as a society. The divide between the haves and the have-nots. And I think it’s a bit unfair to expect them to have a very planned agenda knowing exactly where they want to go.

Next, has Al Sharpton EVER sounded less enthusiastic about anything? From earlier in the the week, note Exhibit B below. Team Obama must now see Occupy as a liability, so watch here as Al pays obligatory lip service to the movement and little more:

Between this aimless movement and Team Sharpton's shameless support for a dubious cause, it's a wonder the left has a shred of remaining credibility.

15 November 2011

Sharpton Show Smears W Over Penn State Sicko


Libtalk Falsely Claims GWB Praised Sandusky


If you thought committed Obamists had moved beyond Bush-bashing as an election strategy, you'd sadly be very, very wrong.

Yes, destroying Herman Cain was terribly important, but Team Hopium 2012 also believes attacking W can still boost Barack's fortunes. We find a fresh example in yesterday's Keeping It Real With Al Sharpton radio show, where regular guest / activist Earl Ofari Hutchinson falsely claimed the former president had praised Penn State sicko Jerry Sandusky.

As a quick trip through the left's Internet smear machine will reveal, Team Sharpton's not alone in spreading this falsehood.

The truth: In 1990, President George H W Bush's foundation named Sandusky's non-profit one of his "points of light". That was many YEARS before any of these horrible revelations had emerged.

But hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good bit of slander?

EARL OFARI HUTCHINSON (AL SHARPTON RADIO SHOW - 14 NOV 2011) (36:02): You got a guy [Sandusky] at Penn State University, well-connected big football coach. Some say at least at one point he was the heir apparent to Joe Paterno whenever he stepped down. Had the respect of school officials, administrators, alumni donors.

His foundation went all the way back to 1977. Had some of the top sports figures sitting on his board. Had George W Bush endorse it, said it was a great organization!

We doubt the lying will end with Sharpton's show, so please keep this in mind the next time you come across "George W Bush praised Sandusky" BS.

BONUS "PROGRESSIVE" SILLINESS: libtalker Thom Hartmann making the case for nuclear Iran as no big deal! It would be funny if not such a dangerous viewpoint...

THOM HARTMANN (35:21): I don't, frankly, think that Iran having nuclear that big a deal, and I realize that that makes right-wingers hysterical to hear anybody in the United States say that...


It's certainly not a big enough deal for us to go to war over, and I'd be really astounded if Israel did.

12 November 2011

Bill Press: Cain As Bad Or Worse Than Penn State Sicko


Libtalker Wallows In Partisan Muck, Tops Them All

Though tracking "progressive" slime is generally a thankless task, sometimes their most outrageous rhetoric can at least offer some amusing entertainment value. It can also be infuriating, especially when clearly part of a partisan smear campaign.

There was a time when most of the craziest rants came from Mike Malloy, but several other libtalkers have since caught up and even surpassed him.

This week, former CNN Crossfire host-turned-lefty-talker Bill Press put Malloy to shame with a tirade equating Herman Cain with Penn State sicko Jerry Sandusky.

Caught first by Tim Graham earlier this week, we've now tracked down the audio of what could be considered the Smear of the Year:

BILL PRESS (TUES 08 NOV 2011 HOUR ONE): I wonder what Rush Limbaugh and Herman Cain's detra -- uh, supporters say about what's happening at Penn State?

Hmmm. Are they blaming that on the media? Is the media wrong by pointing out that Sandusky guy apparently was molesting all these young boys, including a ten year old in the shower, and Joe Paterno doesn't call the cops?

You gonna blame the media for that? Are they gonna defend Sandusky? Or not defending him, just defending Herman Cain because he happens to be a conservative politician running for president. SO you can't touch him, but the media can go after Sandusky.

What's the difference, really? There's no difference, really. I mean, okay, we have maybe sexual assault in the case of Sandusky, but let me tell you something, assuming, and if what Sharon Bialek says is correct, that's a lot more than sexual harassment on Herman Cain's part. That's sexual assault on his part. I think any lawyer would tell you that. So I just get sick of these right-wingers trying to defend this guy when five different women come forward. Five different women come forward! Same story. You're just believe him?

Compare this obvious talking points campaign tactic with state-run media coverage now pointing to Newt Gingrich as a new potential GOP frontrunner. Isn't it clear Republican voters have been manipulated by the Obamist opposition?

08 November 2011

Arianna Huffington: Cain Flap Like Balloon Boy, Slams Mississippi


Slams 'Balloon Boy' Media, Plus Diss For Miss

Has Arianna Huffington partly wandered off of the "progressive" reservation? At least in terms of Democratic Party talking points, the Internet Empress just hasn't been playing ball in recent days.

That became especially clear over the weekend as Huffington found time (a rarity) to host her syndicated talk show with Mary Matalin, Both Sides Now. There, Arianna blasted the media's focus on Herman Cain's accusers, saying it's not worth America's time if Cain doesn't have a prayer of winning.

But is she grossly underestimating Cain's popularity? Is it really a fair comparison to "balloon boy" coverage?

HUFFINGTON (33:14): I think it is ludicrous that we are spending so much time discussing [the Cain allegations]. It's consuming the airwaves in a way that is really amazing when you consider that, I think, that Herman Cain has absolutely zero chance to be elected president of the United States, so why [we are] wasting so much time on this, I have no idea, except for the fact that this is the latest Balloon Boy. It's the latest shining object...that's obsessed the media.

Earlier in the show, however, Huffington was true to elitist form, blasting Mississippi voters for their indifference toward the rights of a child post-birth. This one's vintage Zsa Zsa:

HUFFINGTON (4:38): There's this incredible concern about the right[s] of a child, which in a poor as Mississippi seem[s] to stop at the moment when the child is born. What about the rights of a child to not be hungry? To be able to have a decent education? To be able to have a job after they graduate from college? There's so many other things that the state should be worrying about. It seems like a massive distraction.

06 November 2011

Libtalkers Stretch Limits Of Imagination To Smear Herman Cain


Ed Rips Ingraham For Insensitivity To Cain's 'Victims'


Clearly annoyed that GOP presidential primary frontrunner Herman Cain has yet to go down in flames, lefties have gone back to their smear playbook hoping to keep his "scandal" alive. That means resorting to nasty jokes and a push to place the burden of proof on Cain himself (rather than his accusers).

There's nothing terribly surprising about that, but should libtalker Ed Schultz really attack Laura Ingraham for supposed insensitivity toward Cain's "victims"? After all, it was just six months ago that Big Eddie was blasting Ingraham as a "talk slut".

If that isn't harassment, what is?

Schultz also insists Cain must somehow prove his innocence from charges that remain fuzzy and believes conservative talkers have no right to defend him until the "facts" are in. Are Cain's supporters tough enough to reject the left's faulty premises?

From Big Eddie's syndicated radio program:

ED SCHULTZ (28:50): This guy is acting as if nothing happened! Listen to that sound bite! He is asking professional reporters for reporting this story about Herman Cain and the allegations, he's asking them to apologize after the attorney for the accuser has already come out and confirmed, yeah, we had some activity going on here. I mean, what is Mark Block talking about?! I tell you, the right wing is just imploding.

You've got right-wing talkers of America from the drugster all the way through the list, defending Herman Cain when they don't even know the facts, when they don't even know the detail, when they haven't even seen any documentation whatsoever, they are taking Herman Cain's word for it face value - it's taking a black guy down, it's trashing a good man - wait a minute!

Laura Ingraham says it's trashing a good man, I believe that's what she said, that they're just trying to bring down a good man. Really? Laura, why don't you go interview some of these victims. Why don't you go interview some of these accusers?

Meanwhile, taking the lowest of low roads is Bill Press, who resorted to another childish "joke" about as funny as those in John Kerry's stand-up routine. From his syndicated libtalk morning show:

BILL PRESS (32:18): I went down to the Press Club the other day to hear Herman Cain speak, and heard him tell a big fat lie.

STAN COLLENDER (GUEST): You weren't harassed while you were there? Sorry, I had to do that.

PRESS: He did invite me up to his hotel room, but I said, no I was busy.

Can they keep this going another week? We shall find out soon enough.

02 November 2011

Libtalker Mike Malloy: Ann Coulter's A Budding Serial Killer


Libtalker Kook: Coulter's Goal Is Mass Murder

Hey, did you hear the one about the crazed "progressive" who demands painful deaths for his opponents, then accuses them of being the real killers? It's enough to make even OJ blush.

If only this were stand-up comedy, instead, it's a close cousin, liberal talk radio.

We might be laughing for hours except for the sad fact that "progressive" rhetoric these days seems determined to incite violence.

Sadly, it's not confined to libtalker Mike Malloy (if you've been reading this site, you've seen us track liberal hate radio's spread), but he remains the poster child for "progressive" fire in a crowded theatre.

Here, watch as Malloy denounces Ann Coulter as a "deeply closeted killer" and "a murderess":

MIKE MALLOY (47:59): Ann Coulter is an incipient, uh, closeted - deeply closeted killer, we all know this, she has talked about going to Muslim countries and killing everybody.

She's a real murderess, I mean, she really is! Just hasn't had the courage yet! She will probably enter into some kind of a suicide pact with Glenn Beck!

We've no doubt that should Coulter need advice on mass execution there will be plenty of leftists able to provide it.

Libtalkers Slander Herman Cain Before Facts Are Available


Lefty Trial Lawyer Takes The Low Road

We've long been under the impression that a good lawyer thinks before speaking. That's why Mike Papantonio's latest outbursts seem to underscore the disgusting nature of the left's political gotcha game.

"Pap", as he's known, is a notorious trial attorney, frequent MSNBC presence and syndicated libtalker associated with Robert F Kennedy Jr. If any of that counts as stature, it sure makes us wonder why it's so easily discarded in favor of cheaply disparaging an ideological rival.

Just how bad were Papantonio's anti- Herman Cain attacks? Watch as even Ed Schultz feels compelled to tone it down by playing devil's advocate.

Big Eddie's attempts to right the ship were for naught, however, as Mike doubled-down on the hate and reckless speculation.

From the Ed Schultz Show:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (02:31): First of all, you don't pay five figures and nobody just came out and said five figures without there being some reason for it. I mean, these women were paid five figures to keep quiet that Cain's a sick pervert.

PAPANTONIO (03:56): So, look, it's 100 percent true, you can bet on that, it's serious and it's repetitive. Those are all things that you can count on and I gotta promise you, he's going from GOP hero to this disgusting, this disgusting old sex freak at lightning speed and the more he goes on, talks about it, the worse, the angrier women get.

SCHULTZ (08:40): OK, but let's just play this out here. There is a chance that he's innocent. I mean, there is a chance that the National Restaurant Association may have made a legal determination and say, let's just pay 'em, you know, Herman's a big guy, he's doing great things for us, it's better just to, you know, to pay off and have these employees leave and put it on the table and be done with it.

You don't that, Ed, it doesn't happen. It doesn't happen unless there's ...

Well I would imagine that ...

PAPANTONIO: ... unless there are prior problems. Now if you've got somebody ...

SCHULTZ: But if there's not prior problems, and wouldn't the National Restaurant Association be insured against stuff like this?

Well no, it depends on the policy.

We don't pretend to know how the Cain situation will play out, but our "progressive" friends are only serving to boost his campaign using a scorched-earth approach.

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