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02 November 2011

Libtalker Mike Malloy: Ann Coulter's A Budding Serial Killer


Libtalker Kook: Coulter's Goal Is Mass Murder

Hey, did you hear the one about the crazed "progressive" who demands painful deaths for his opponents, then accuses them of being the real killers? It's enough to make even OJ blush.

If only this were stand-up comedy, instead, it's a close cousin, liberal talk radio.

We might be laughing for hours except for the sad fact that "progressive" rhetoric these days seems determined to incite violence.

Sadly, it's not confined to libtalker Mike Malloy (if you've been reading this site, you've seen us track liberal hate radio's spread), but he remains the poster child for "progressive" fire in a crowded theatre.

Here, watch as Malloy denounces Ann Coulter as a "deeply closeted killer" and "a murderess":

MIKE MALLOY (47:59): Ann Coulter is an incipient, uh, closeted - deeply closeted killer, we all know this, she has talked about going to Muslim countries and killing everybody.

She's a real murderess, I mean, she really is! Just hasn't had the courage yet! She will probably enter into some kind of a suicide pact with Glenn Beck!

We've no doubt that should Coulter need advice on mass execution there will be plenty of leftists able to provide it.


  • This guy is accusing others of murder fantasies? Malloy really needs to be admitted to a sanitarium for rest. He is not well.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 03 November, 2011 05:00  

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