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02 November 2011

Libtalkers Slander Herman Cain Before Facts Are Available


Lefty Trial Lawyer Takes The Low Road

We've long been under the impression that a good lawyer thinks before speaking. That's why Mike Papantonio's latest outbursts seem to underscore the disgusting nature of the left's political gotcha game.

"Pap", as he's known, is a notorious trial attorney, frequent MSNBC presence and syndicated libtalker associated with Robert F Kennedy Jr. If any of that counts as stature, it sure makes us wonder why it's so easily discarded in favor of cheaply disparaging an ideological rival.

Just how bad were Papantonio's anti- Herman Cain attacks? Watch as even Ed Schultz feels compelled to tone it down by playing devil's advocate.

Big Eddie's attempts to right the ship were for naught, however, as Mike doubled-down on the hate and reckless speculation.

From the Ed Schultz Show:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (02:31): First of all, you don't pay five figures and nobody just came out and said five figures without there being some reason for it. I mean, these women were paid five figures to keep quiet that Cain's a sick pervert.

PAPANTONIO (03:56): So, look, it's 100 percent true, you can bet on that, it's serious and it's repetitive. Those are all things that you can count on and I gotta promise you, he's going from GOP hero to this disgusting, this disgusting old sex freak at lightning speed and the more he goes on, talks about it, the worse, the angrier women get.

SCHULTZ (08:40): OK, but let's just play this out here. There is a chance that he's innocent. I mean, there is a chance that the National Restaurant Association may have made a legal determination and say, let's just pay 'em, you know, Herman's a big guy, he's doing great things for us, it's better just to, you know, to pay off and have these employees leave and put it on the table and be done with it.

You don't that, Ed, it doesn't happen. It doesn't happen unless there's ...

Well I would imagine that ...

PAPANTONIO: ... unless there are prior problems. Now if you've got somebody ...

SCHULTZ: But if there's not prior problems, and wouldn't the National Restaurant Association be insured against stuff like this?

Well no, it depends on the policy.

We don't pretend to know how the Cain situation will play out, but our "progressive" friends are only serving to boost his campaign using a scorched-earth approach.


  • What's really sad is that both Special Ed & this slip & fall lawyer Mike Papantonio are both paid over 5 figures. Combined these 2 ain't worth 5 figures, & somehow they are on our airwaves.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 03 November, 2011 05:05  

  • Pap is a hypocrite I used to work for him at the Levin firm where they commonly pay legal secretaries just barely over minimum wage. And now I see him on tv saying that fast food workers should be paid way over the current minimum wage. If he feels that way, maybe he should start by paying his employees more.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 January, 2014 02:07  

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