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06 November 2011

Libtalkers Stretch Limits Of Imagination To Smear Herman Cain


Ed Rips Ingraham For Insensitivity To Cain's 'Victims'


Clearly annoyed that GOP presidential primary frontrunner Herman Cain has yet to go down in flames, lefties have gone back to their smear playbook hoping to keep his "scandal" alive. That means resorting to nasty jokes and a push to place the burden of proof on Cain himself (rather than his accusers).

There's nothing terribly surprising about that, but should libtalker Ed Schultz really attack Laura Ingraham for supposed insensitivity toward Cain's "victims"? After all, it was just six months ago that Big Eddie was blasting Ingraham as a "talk slut".

If that isn't harassment, what is?

Schultz also insists Cain must somehow prove his innocence from charges that remain fuzzy and believes conservative talkers have no right to defend him until the "facts" are in. Are Cain's supporters tough enough to reject the left's faulty premises?

From Big Eddie's syndicated radio program:

ED SCHULTZ (28:50): This guy is acting as if nothing happened! Listen to that sound bite! He is asking professional reporters for reporting this story about Herman Cain and the allegations, he's asking them to apologize after the attorney for the accuser has already come out and confirmed, yeah, we had some activity going on here. I mean, what is Mark Block talking about?! I tell you, the right wing is just imploding.

You've got right-wing talkers of America from the drugster all the way through the list, defending Herman Cain when they don't even know the facts, when they don't even know the detail, when they haven't even seen any documentation whatsoever, they are taking Herman Cain's word for it face value - it's taking a black guy down, it's trashing a good man - wait a minute!

Laura Ingraham says it's trashing a good man, I believe that's what she said, that they're just trying to bring down a good man. Really? Laura, why don't you go interview some of these victims. Why don't you go interview some of these accusers?

Meanwhile, taking the lowest of low roads is Bill Press, who resorted to another childish "joke" about as funny as those in John Kerry's stand-up routine. From his syndicated libtalk morning show:

BILL PRESS (32:18): I went down to the Press Club the other day to hear Herman Cain speak, and heard him tell a big fat lie.

STAN COLLENDER (GUEST): You weren't harassed while you were there? Sorry, I had to do that.

PRESS: He did invite me up to his hotel room, but I said, no I was busy.

Can they keep this going another week? We shall find out soon enough.


  • Ed Schultz is THE LAST media figure who should be shooting his mouth off like this... CASE RECORDS, click CASS COUNTY & CIVIL, FAMILY, & PROBATE RECORDS

    2.In the correct boxes, punch in EDWARD SCHULTZ or MAUREEN ZIMMERMAN, then click SEARCH.
    You will then see a the case listed, with a link showing the case number 09-93-C-00131 in the top left corner, CLICK IT. Ed's divorce case file pops up. It looks normal until #71,#72, & #77. #72 says & I quote, "APPLICATION FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTION ORDER". I don't know what he did, but his ex was in fear of Ed, & felt she needed legal protection from him.

    If Special Ed has any brain at all, he will keep his mouth shut & say as little as possible about Herman Cain's problems. Look in the mirror Ed, & either come clean about your documented past or STFU about Cain.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 07 November, 2011 18:02  

  • Dems are frightened of his exceptional qualifications. I'm behind him more now than I was before.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 November, 2011 21:44  

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