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08 December 2011

Former MSNBC Anchor, Caller Spread Christmas Fear


Shuster Laughs As Caller Threatens Violence

There's nothing like a bit of violent throat-slashing to get America in the Christmas spirit, don't you think?

With ever more deranged anti-holiday rants, our libtalk friends are especially full of good cheer this season. Today's example might not be so bad if not for host David Shuster's amused reaction.

It's one thing to take a crackpot caller, another for a talker to appear just as disturbed.

In the "progressive" world, of course, bad-mouthing Christians and Christmas is routine, so why should the former MSNBC anchor feel the need for distance from the comment?

From yesterday's Bill Press Show with Shuster as guest host:

DAVID SHUSTER (1:01:04): Kevin from Naperville Illinois, you’re on the Bill Press show good morning.

KEVIN IN NAPERVILLE ILLINOIS: I’m so sick and tired of Christian privilege in this country and cramming it down everybody else’s throat.

They just tried to do it with Thanksgiving, which is not a Christian holiday, it’s a secular holiday and this Christmas thing, you know somebody wishes me a Merry Christmas I don’t really take offense at that.

But, if someone hears me say Happy Holiday and they take offense at that, I want to rip their throat out.

SHUSTER: Ha ha ha ha!

Wonder how this guy feels about Easter? No bunny is safe.


  • Outside of the odd abortion doctor every decade, political violence almost always comes from the left. So many leftist feared the Tea Party because of what they said was the threat of violence, but it was pure projection. Those same people's reaction to the OWS idiots should tell you that.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 09 December, 2011 12:30  

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