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13 December 2011

Mark Levin: $100K For Savage If He Gives Up Show


Conservative Talker Turns Rival's Offer Upside-Down

From a pure self-promotion standpoint, talker Michael Savage's million-dollar offer to Newt Gingrich was marketing genius. Than in his last five years combined, the syndicated host managed to generate more public attention in a single day. Ten thousand stories listed at Google News can back that assertion.

But rival conservative talker Mark Levin has his own idea: rather than a million for Newt's exit from the GOP presidential primary race, he'll give Savage himself $100,000 to hang up the headphones for good!

Levin made his case during last night's nationally-syndicated radio show, claiming Savage's career has seen better days, with lower ratings and a decrease in affiliates from an earlier peak.

Levin is heard on major stations including WABC / New York, WBAP / Dallas, WMAL / Washington and many more.

See it here:

Okay, who's next with a big-money offer?


  • Much as I liked Levin when I lived where I could hear his show, this is a dumb move. It just gives Savage more exposure and credibility. Not that he doesn't deserve them, I find Savage as lot easier to take than, say, The Leprechaun.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 December, 2011 17:37  

  • I happen to like both Mark Levin and Michael Savage and listen to both program. We need all the help we can to stop Obama from getting re-elected in 2012.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 16 December, 2011 20:28  

  • Savage is the only talk show host that tells the truth. He is the only one that doesn't kiss anyone's ass. Wish we had a true American like him running for office.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 December, 2011 21:05  

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