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01 March 2012

Andrew Breitbart's Passing Stuns Talk Radio


Rush, Others Blown Away By Andrew's Sudden Death

The sudden passing of fiery conservative activist Andrew Breitbart (image - left side) at the young age of 43 has talk radio in a state of shock today.

Moments ago, we asked Rush Limbaugh for his initial thoughts and he had this to say: "like everyone, I'm in a state of shock, stunned, all of that. Andrew Breitbart was indefatigable in every endeavor of his life.

"His passing is such a huge loss, to everyone who knew him. There was, literally, no one like him. As such, he is a legend now. He was culturally refined and a bulldog at the same time. And he was credible, always credible. It's just a shame."

Syndicated talker / bestselling author Mark Levin added this: "I am stunned and deeply saddened. Andrew was a wonderful person and patriot. He loved his family and his country.

"I will miss him. Many of us will. May he rest in peace. May his family find peace. God bless him."

Fox News Channel host / syndicated talker Sean Hannity had this reaction:
"Andrew was a warrior, though a happy warrior, who relished political combat. He cared deeply for his friends, his family and his country. The movement has lost a passionate advocate. And I have lost a good friend."

Our own memories: Andrew's energy and passion for the cause seemed limitless. On occasion, out of the blue, he would want to talk on the phone. So many ideas were juggling in his mind, it was hard to understand how he kept up with it all. Once, in Washington, we spoke for hours about the state of the and country. It had been a long day but he didn't seem the least bit tired.

It's hard to believe this voice has been silenced so early. The brightest candle is said to burn most briefly.


More as this develops...


  • May Mr. Breitbart rest in peace. Now it is up to the rest of us to "step up to the plate." We can all do this, because we are a lot stronger than we think.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 March, 2012 11:42  

  • May Mr. Breitbart rest in peace. Now it is up to the rest of us to "step up to the plate." We can do this, because we are all stronger than we think.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 March, 2012 11:43  

  • Breitbart was 1 of the few who understood the big picture. He understood the MSM, politics, entertainment, & how they all conected. He was a liberal who became a conservative, & could tell you exactly when & why. He was the happy warrior, someone who fought like hell for what he believed was right, but had fun doing it & made people laugh along the way. He was 1 of the biggest brains on the political right, he had a million things going on at the same time, all the time, & leaves a massive legacy in his wake. That legacy will help fill the void he leaves because of his passing. The one thing I would love to see, but we won't, is how he would react to the reaction of his death. That would be interesting, & probably funny.

    May God Bless Andrew Breitbart, & may God Bless his family in this saddest of times. Rest in peace, Andrew, you deserve the rest. You earned it.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 02 March, 2012 12:12  

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