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15 January 2012

Geraldo, Press Take Bizarre Shots At Romney


Democrats Road-Test Romney Attack Strategies

Say what you want about liberal talk radio's lack of audience, but it does serve at least one purpose: to road-test upcoming Democratic Party election strategies. As libtalkers are happy to parrot partisan talking points, insiders can fine-tune attacks ahead of broader use.

Now that short-sighted GOP primary opponents are just about finished demolishing the party from within, a Democratic Party anti-Mitt Romney smear campaign is in the works.

From Friday's broadcasts, two examples stand out: Geraldo Rivera's silly "Mexican" attack line and the perhaps more promising "Gordon Gekko" tag.

From Geraldo's Friday WABC / New York program:

GERALDO RIVERA (21:31): You know, I don't think no one doesn't like him. I think a lot of people, he's gorgeous looking. You know, my beef with him is that he doesn't fess up to the fact that he's a Mexican and has a Mexican father and a Mexican grandfather and still he's bashing all the Mexican immigrants.

Lest you think Geraldo made this one up on his own, take a look at how it's beginning to appear elsewhere, including ABC News coverage and more. A phony Twitter character has also emerged to round out the childish antics.

Here, libtalker / former CNN host Bill Press fancies himself a comedian while throwing around the "Gordon Gekko" (main character in Wall Street) tag like it's going out of style:

BILL PRESS (3:46): Up posted today my latest column on the perfect bumper sticker for Gordon Gekko aka Mitt Romney ‘Greed is good.’ It’s so funny if you look at the comments made by Michael Douglas back in that 1987 classic wall Street playing Gordon Gekko you will see that they mirror exactly one hundred percent the sentiments and the policies and the practices of Bain Capital’s Mitt Romney.

A far-left group in South Carolina has already taken this one step further with a Gekko impersonator.

Stay tuned for more previews of what is sure to become a unbelievably nasty election season.


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