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29 March 2012

Confronted By Caller, Sharpton Claims He Hasn't Played Race Card


Sharpton: I Never Claimed Race Motive

Would you be willing to believe Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NBC and the rest of the unhinged mob in Sanford aren't motivated by race? Or is it the funniest thing you've heard in ages?

Sharpton's recent antics have been so overt and brazen, it's hard to believe he'd even attempt to claim otherwise. Just two minutes of his increasingly hysterical MSNBC program will clear up any viewer's confusion.

Even liberal Margaret Carlson has spoken out against Sharpton (right image, via AP), saying "I See a Demagogue with Kerosene."

And yet, here's the infamous racial arsonist swearing up and down he's never claimed an ethnic motive behind the Trayvon Martin shooting or asserted George Zimmerman's guilt. Then what exactly motivated the reverend to set up camp in Florida? Or to devote so many hours of radio and television airtime to the subject?

And what made these savage Florida murders of British tourists, killed for making a wrong turn into a troubled neighborhood, NOT worth protesting (or even mentioning)?

Listen as the reverend dances around tough questioning (by shifting the racial aspect over to Trayvon's family and supporters) by a radio caller who somehow got past Sharpton's screener yesterday:

That must mean this never occurred:

"DO THE RIGHT THING! DO THE RIGHT THING! ARREST ZIMMERMAN NOW," demanded Al Sharpton of the Sanford City Commissioners.

With more than 500 people packed into the meeting, Al Sharpton had the crowd on their feet speaking about the role race played in Trayvon Martin's death.

"You are making the world know you as a place of racial intolerance and double standards," he said.

Or this:

Civil rights leader Al Sharpton warned commissioners that Sanford risked becoming a 21st century version of civil rights struggle in the South during the 1960s.

Sharpton said Martin's parents endured "insults and lies" Monday over reports that their son attacked Zimmerman.

Or this:

Following the death of Martin, Rev. Al Sharpton, the leader of Trayvon Martin rally, the Congressional Black Caucus and NAACP condemned the shooting and labeled it a racially-motivated "hate crime."

And we're guessing Al's partner in crime Jesse Jackson didn't say this:

"Racism is too real to be dismissed," said civil rights leader, Jesse Jackson, in a sit-down interview with FOX35 Saturday.

"Maybe it's a perfect storm," he said of the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

"You have a case, a vigilante, him operating outside of a bad law - who kills an unarmed 17-year old kid and then he walks away."

Reverend Jackson told FOX35 he believes the fatal shooting on February 26th was racially motivated.

"Maybe this case is kind of the tipping point that gives us insight into just how hard it is to be black in America."

He says he sees racism around the world every day, it has even affected his three successful sons.

Sharpton's doublespeak here is positively Orwellian. Is he attempting to head off blame for any upcoming violence resulting from his fire in a crowded theatre-like rhetoric?

If the reverend is reluctant to increase his body count, perhaps it's time to step aside before the situation spirals out of control.


  • Sharpton must have some really good pictures of an NBC exec. I wonder which one it is?

    By Anonymous Robert Fortis, at 29 March, 2012 20:30  

  • A couple of things...

    Sharpton & Jackson are liars.

    Sharpton & Jackson cannot afford to have racism go away. They would'nt exist without it.

    ...this is a great time to be a race hustler in America.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 30 March, 2012 11:57  

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