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13 April 2012

Gloating Sharpton Takes Credit For Zimmerman's Murder Charge


Reverend Al Believes He Motivated Prosecutor

In the Trayvon Martin shooting death, a gloating Reverend Al Sharpton is now taking credit for the unexpectedly severe charge filed against George Zimmerman. That leaves one big question: can we honestly say he's wrong?

Given his over-the-top antics in Sanford and on the air during the past several weeks, there's little doubt the Justice Brothers and their megaphones created political pressure that almost certainly contributed to Zimmerman's second degree murder indictment (as opposed to manslaughter or a minor charge).

After all, there is widespread belief he was "overcharged" and not just from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others on the right. Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz is BLASTING prosecutors today for their "thin" case.

Given that, how would the outcome have changed without Sharpton and Friends? Would Zimmerman be facing any charges at all? Is the Reverend as "effective" as claimed here?

From yesterday's syndicated radio show, take a look:

AL SHARPTON (KEEPING IT REAL - 12 APRIL 2012) (6:26): Let me say this, first and foremost, many people listening didn’t think anything was going to happen.

I did not think we would get a murder two charge. I thought that maybe we would get manslaughter.

We are getting of course the right-wing attacking because they only get mad when you're effective. So, they're calling me everything but the child of God.

Isn't Sharpton admitting that politics (HIS!) are playing a major role in this case? If so, aren't these on-air gloat sessions especially counterproductive?



  • Zimmerman will walk, & it will be because of the fact there is been a 3 ring circus surrounding the case. Sharpton, Jackson, the New Black Panthers, media outlets like, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC & CNN, & even President Obama will be cited as reasons for why there can not be a fair trial. Zimmerman will walk, right or wrong, he will walk. Then you can tune in & watch America burn to the ground in a race riot.

    By Anonymous d, at 18 April, 2012 01:13  

  • You would think after the Crown Heights riot, Freddie's Fashion Mart, Tawana Brawley and the Duke lacrosse case that Sharpton would be radioactive. But, nope.

    There is nothing worse than overcharging a defendant. It's a sure way to acquittal.

    This man lives to line his pockets by creating chaos.

    By Blogger Lone Ranger, at 18 April, 2012 19:29  

  • When will people take personal responsibility for their actions. the good reverends clearly created reverse discrimination. The new coverage convicted this man in public opinion. As usual they'll all slink away.

    "Zimmerman could of been someone's son too"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 April, 2012 00:43  

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