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11 April 2012

La Raza President: Blacks, Hispanics Should Team Up Against 'Common Enemies'


La Raza Head Advocates Black-Hispanic 'Attack' Force

Just in case tensions weren't high enough in the Trayvon Martin case, the head of a controversial Hispanic group appears happy to pour gasoline on the fire.

Calling for an African-American-Hispanic alliance against "common enemies", La Raza President Janet Murguia used Wednesday's Al Sharpton radio show to spread an incendiary message of hate. Happy to conveniently overlook George Zimmerman's Peruvian ancestry, Murguia made her divisive agenda abundantly clear.

Though her organization claims mainstream status, its name translates to "The Race" and is always happy to aid campus radicalism.

Amazingly, sitting in for the Reverend (himself busy spreading racial arson across the land) was Andre Eggelletion, the same host recently behind a successful campaign to suspend KFI's John & Ken for wisecracks about Whitney Houston after her recent death. Isn't brazenly planning a race war over public airwaves far more inappropriate than calling the late singer a "crack ho"?

Below, watch as the La Raza president and Sharpton crony casually toss words like "attack" and "enemies" into the conversation:

JANET MURGUIA (PRESIDENT, LA RAZA) (36:39): I think for us it’s about understanding that we have common interests and we have to be able to understand that our demographics today, a lot of people want to pit who’s the largest minority vs. who’s taking over as the largest demographic and all that.

We need to understand that when you put those two demographics together you know when you put sixteen percent of the Latino population now in the US combined with fourteen percent of the African American population is what can we do together now to attack those common enemies? To attack the common barriers that present themselves for us.

When violence results, will these extremists take responsibility, or continue to deflect blame everywhere else? Who will be hurt or killed thanks to their reckless rhetoric?


  • It's too bad that Zimmerman was Hispanic, which more or less flattens their tire.

    By Anonymous Fester, at 12 April, 2012 02:37  

  • Naw, he's been declared officially white. So it's hokay to hate him. He's one of "them" now, at least for the purpose of the exercise.

    By Blogger Joel, at 12 April, 2012 12:20  

  • The ONLY way to put the final nail on OUR racist Xenophobe whitey enemy's coffin is for ALL oppressed peoples of color to UNITE and fight "them" by any and ALL means necessary..., with EXTREME PREJUDICE if need be! OUR enemy's ONLY "language" that "these" Mother Nature's rejects understand is direct confrontation, i.e. A RACE WAR! There will come a time in the near immediate future that it will be "their" survival or OURS! Yes, this RAZA spokesperson is so right in her assessment! A UNITED Black and Brown people is what brings terror into the hearts and minds of OUR white supremacist enemies..., and "they" know it! If it was up to me personally, I would just shove these white racist bastards into some Mexica
    n bakery oven and that would solve the white Maggot problem! BAKKKED CRACKKKAHS ANYONE..., HMMMMMMM....?! E.F. Mohammed Martinez - Chicano Anti-Fascist Freedom Fighter - Spear of the Aztlan National Congress

    By Blogger EFMohammedMartinez, at 17 April, 2012 01:23  

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