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04 April 2012

Libtalkers Slam Paul Ryan, Fracking, 'Stand Your Ground'


A Banner Day For Deranged 'Progressive' Rants

What the frack is going on? Either there's something in the water or election fever has driven our ordinarily calm, civilized "progressive" friends into a tizzy, all in the space of just 24 hours.

Here at EQ HQ, it's an embarrassment of riches as libtalkers make crazy claims about fracking, take pathetic personal shots at opponents and in one case, blaze a new trail for deranged lunatics everywhere.

First, libtalker / MSNBC contributor Mike Papantonio made the outlandish claim that fracking has killed thousands of people:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (ED SCHULTZ SHOW 03 APRIL 2012)(18:45): It used to be you had a political system that said, wait just a second, let's look at what, let's look at how fracking has destroyed the health of thousands of Americans, has killed thousands of Americans, has contaminated the aquifer, has poisoned the air, has destroyed actual soil that'll never be rejuvenated and be usable.

Next, "civil" libtalker Randi Rhodes disparaged Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) for daring to hold differing political viewpoints:

RANDI RHODES (12:55): But this is the reason now that [Republican Congressman Paul] Ryan looks so scary, creepy - it's kind of like God's way of warning us that he is dangerous? Kind of like the same reason that a rattlesnake has a rattle so you know it's dangerous? [Randi laughs]

Finally, though it's only April, Mike Malloy may well have won the Deranged Libtalk Rant of the Year award with this meltdown:

MIKE MALLOY (03 APRIL 2012) (35:26): What’s next? How long before there'll be a 'stand your pregnancy' law passed where any woman who starts menstruating can be shot dead because she wore a hoodie when she went out to buy a box of tampons!!!

MALLOY (35:59): you can only shoot a 17-year old black boy. But if it's a white girl and she's menstruating - how do we know that she's not aborting?? SHOOT HER!

Mike, how will this be topped? Can't wait to hear you try.


  • Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, & Mike Papantonio, these are 3 people who don't matter. Their opinions are worthless, they have the right to them, but they are worthless, & America has rejected them in the marketplace. Only Papantonio has any real effect, but as a lawyer, but not in front of a mic. They are nuts, full of hate, & should be institutionalized.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 06 April, 2012 21:06  

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