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29 May 2012

WH Reporters Gush Over Obama's Drug Use


POTUS Scribes In Ecstasy Over O's Drug Revelations

What's the difference between White House correspondents and drug-addled Obama supporters? Quite a bit less than you might believe.

At the very least, they do apparently hang out together.

Clearly exhibiting advanced cases of Beltway-itis (symptoms include hallucinations that make the president still appear hip, effective and popular), we caught two longtime POTUS scribes raving about recent revelations of major drug use during O's Hawaii years.

During today's edition of The Bill Press Show (with the host away), former Politico reporter-turned-Sirius XM host Julie Mason (The POTUS Channel) and current Roll Call writer Meredith Shiner couldn't seem to get enough of the Dear Leader's new-found coolness boost:

JULIE MASON, XM HOST / FORMER POLITICO WH REPORTER (30:37): Apparently President Obama went around when he was in his twenties would often effect a sarong on a Sunday to do the crossword puzzle.


MASON: It’s re-energizing the base.

SHINER: I mean you gotta find a way.

MASON: Really every revelation about President Obama intercepting joints at parties my Democratic friends are like, 'I could not love him more,' right? But what does Romney have, he doesn’t have anything.

What's next, will the once-staid Roll Call merge with High Times? Could C-Span make room for Cheech & Chong movies? At this point, would anyone notice the difference?

26 May 2012

Al Sharpton & Friends: Republicans See Blacks Like Hitler Saw Jews


Reverend Al: Republicans Ready To Kill African-Americans

It's time to take away the Reverend Al Sharpton's matches.

In recent days, the infamous racial arsonist has been cranking up the incendiary language, with potentially deadly results. Is the reverend's body count insufficiently high?

Sharpton now benefits greatly from a nationally syndicated radio program and nightly MSNBC cable talk show, tools he didn't have in the early days. That makes verbal Molotov Cocktail production a lot easier.

Obviously not satisfied with the level of ethnic tension in America today, Sharpton & Pals are using the airwaves to incite violence. From Thursday's Keeping It Real With Reverend Al Sharpton, listen as Republicans are said to be ready to kill African-Americans en masse:

AL SHARPTON (36:58): It seems like they [Republicans] act as though, some wiping out of people, some of the right-wing, is all right, it’s not all right to do to any innocent people. If you had war and people that’s one thing, but to wipe out innocent people just because of who they are like what was done in Hitler’s Germany or what was done to Native Americans is not justifiable.

ELINOR TATUM (PUBLISHER, NEW YORK AMSTERDAM NEWS): You know but Rev, I think and what is similar to Hitler’s Germany is that Hitler did not believe those people to be human.


TATUM: They believed them to be subhuman and that’s I think the same thing we think people are thinking here is that you know why would they even care about them because they’re not human. And that’s how we’re [Blacks] being looked at and that’s what the scariest part of this whole thing is.

SHARPTON: That’s exactly right. Let go to Tanya in Detroit, Tanya…

Aside from the complete BS factor in their rantings, how about considering what white liberals have done to black people?

The de facto elimination of San Francisco's African-American population over the last 40 years is but one example, as is Marin County's transparent opposition to low-income housing development. We could happily find many more if they are interested, but won't hold our breath.

Ed Schultz: Scott Walker 'May Be Criminal'


Ed Obsessed With WI Gov Takedown

What's with MSNBC's Ed Schultz and special elections?

Big Eddie has become obsessed with manipulating these contests. Remember 2010's epic US Senate vote in Massachusetts? He told radio listeners he'd "vote ten times" to keep Scott Brown from winning.

More recently, he's inserted himself into the upcoming recall election targeting Governor Scott Walker (R-WI), even through visits to the state.

Does Schultz care about the future of Wisconsin? Of course not, it's about career-building stunt opportunities, truth and ethics be damned. Another focus (as we are reminded by readers): keeping public sector union ca$h flowing into his personal bank account.

In the latest example, he's falsely claiming Walker "may be a criminal" based on not much of anything factually beyond partisan mudslinging and "progressive" smear-blogging.

Responding to earlier coverage from Mediaite, he's actually doubling-down on reckless rhetoric here. From his syndicated radio program:

ED SCHULTZ (44:45): You got it right, Mediaite, I said it. When the people go into the ballot box, into the voting booth in Wisconsin, they just have to know they may be voting for a criminal! [pause] I mean, John Nichols, is that correct?

JOHN NICHOLS, THE NATION: That's, that's what an awful lot of folks in Wisconsin are saying and, um, your key word is there may, is may. Uh, we, it's not confirmed that Gov. Walker committed crimes...

Earlier, Ed went off the deep end in another area, calling criticism of Obama "treasonous". It's just another day inside the "progressive" rubber room.

22 May 2012

Longtime Boston Globe Columnist: Everyone In Oklahoma Claims Indian Ancestry


Esquire's Pierce Blames Herald For Warren Mess

Now we know why the Boston Globe is so reluctant to cover Elizabeth Warren's Fauxcahontas scandal: it thinks the whole mess is a sinister plot concocted by its tabloid rival!

That's the take expressed by longtime Globie Charlie Pierce, who recently left the infamous Boring Broadsheet for Esquire Magazine. With his strong ties to the paper's snooty regime, there's little doubt it's the same mantra repeated in the newsroom: blame the Herald!

Get a load of these ridiculous excuses Pierce used during Tuesday's Stephanie Miller Show:

Marco Rubio did the same thing (!?!?!?)

Everybody in Oklahoma claims Native American ancestry, so it's OK in OK!

The Boston Herald has a racist agenda ("ugly subtext")

Warren never actually lied about her background, she only "mentioned it from time to time" and didn't personally benefit from claiming Cherokee ancestry (per Esquire)

Listen for yourself:

STEPHANIE MILLER: Charlie, you have to clue me in, because I’m late to this game, ah the Indian wars and Elizabeth Warren’s problem. You know I’ve heard Rush Limbaugh make a joke or two, but tell us what’s going on. You said the Boston Herald led the paper and said it’s probably too late for the states Democrats to abandon Warren over this scandal?

CHARLIE PIERCE, ESQUIRE: Yeah this is the, and I speak as a former employee of that fine publication, this has been their little tin drum that they’ve been beating. Apparently at some point or another repeating what I believe to be family lore, which is pretty much the same as Marco Rubio did, Elizabeth Warren claimed to be like one thirty second Cherokee and it’s not even entirely clear that she ever did it.

It’s been claimed for her by various institutions at which she’s worked and the [Boston] Herald has turned this into sort of an anti-Affirmative Action crusade. And it’s you know there’s a really kind of ugly subtext to it.

LAVOIE: And it’s actually hurting her.

PIERCE: Frankly I haven’t met anybody in my life from Oklahoma who doesn’t claim some Indian ancestry. I just don’t.

Interestingly, none other than MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz believes Warren needs to answer questions arising from the scandal.

Here's the BIG question for Pierce and his "bow-tied bum-kissing" (Howie Carr reference) Globie friends: since it's still only May, how will Lizzy survive the next damning revelations that are sure to emerge? Her credibility is already shot.

Libtalker Papantonio: Cory Booker's A 'Parasite'


Lefties Once Again Eat Their Own

Just over a month ago, Newark Mayor Cory Booker was hailed as a hero for saving a woman from a raging house fire. Now, after a slight critique of Barack Obama's re-election strategy, he's become the devil incarnate. Who says liberals don't eat their own?

Salon, for example, now calls him "the surrogate from Hell".

Playing the guilt-by-association card, the far-left Think Progress site and others are pointing to long-ago campaign contributions from Bain Capital, Romney's old firm. And Chris Matthews, for his part, is predictably apoplectic.

To really go over the top, however, one of our crazed libtalk friends must be temporarily released from the rubber room. This time, the honor goes to MSNBC talking head / RFK Jr associate Mike Papantonio, who labeled Booker (who, like "Pap", is an attorney) "a parasite" during yesterday's edition of the Ed Schultz Show:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (10:05): [Newark Mayor Cory] Booker's trying to get on the radar here. Well, he's on my radar. And I'd like to tell him the same thing I tell lawyers in my firm. I tell a lawyer that a lawyer who's unwilling to aggressively work for positive social engineering is nothing more than a social parasite. That's all they are.

Memo to other "progressives": as with many other crime families, one deviation from the script is all it takes to see a career flushed down the toilet, no matter how loyal one has been in the past. Cory Booker is now a man without a movement.

19 May 2012

Libtalker Randi Rhodes: Mark Levin Is A Pothead


'Progressives' Pump Up The Slime Factor

Okay, we now know the left's Smear-O-Matic machine is still functioning and set to Random Attack mode.

It's also clear desperate "progressives" will do and say anything to maliciously slime their political opponents in an election year, evidence be damned.

While discussing Obama's past drug use remains taboo or at best swept under the rug, it's perfectly okay for our lefty friends to make up crap out of thin air. And that's exactly what Randi Rhodes did to conservative talker / best-selling author Mark Levin during yesterday's syndicated / satellite radio program:

RANDI RHODES (07:33): You think that he could live in his bedroom the way he does and broadcast his show from there, never leave the house and he's not a pothead? Are you kidding me, he's not a stoner? Right!

Yeah, uh-huh, I'm down with you, Mark Levin, oh yes, oh yes baby! I get - yeah, oh I believe you have never smoked the pot you will never smoke the pot - this is why you have what, social anxiety disorder, to the point where you have like agoraphobia - you can't go out of the house - it's paranoia, honey!

Why did Randi connect Levin to drugs? It truly appears random here, coming just after (obviously frustrating) news that Travon Martin had substances in his bloodstream at time of death. The Smear-O-Matic took over from there.

What a deranged movement.

18 May 2012

VP's Son Makes Same 'O'Biden' Blunder Palin Was Slammed For


Slips Seem To Run In The Family

In the Biden family, the gaffe-le doesn't seem to fall far from the tree.

At a time when Vice President Joe Biden slips up verbally almost daily, his son is now getting into the act as well. Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, at one time considered a rising star in politics, couldn't seem to get the words out of his mouth during an interview yesterday with Ed Schultz.

The kicker: he made the same blunder that caused (predictable lefty) ridicule for Sarah Palin back in 2008, the "O'Biden" flub.

From yesterday's syndicated Ed Schultz Show:

BEAU BIDEN (04:13): well, you know, look, I'm down here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, down in your old neck of the woods here. I'm actually across the water here in Portsmouth and on my way to Norfolk and we're here with the national director of the Veteran and Military Families for O'Biden launch, for, uh, Obama launch.

And here's Palin's 2008 slip-up:

We're (quite safely) guessing the media establishment with give the junior Biden a pass here. But the real question is whether Beau will also emulate Joe's more recent "crazy guy on the warpath" routine.

As noted by Rush Limbaugh yesterday:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: I played some sound bites of Joe Biden yesterday. He literally lost it. Just lost control, and it sounds that way. When you see the video -- we're gonna play the sound bites again with a couple of new ones -- when you see Biden saying what you're going to hear, he looks off balance, out of kilter, not all there in the eyes.

It is the strangest, strangest thing. And everybody was talking about it yesterday. Was he doing it on purpose? What's he up to here?

One of the theories is that Biden is genuinely fearful that they're gonna get rid of him, and he's doing everything he can to stay on the ticket.

In fact, that theory has it that Biden purposely went on Meet the Press and said that as far as the administration is concerned, same-sex marriage is totally acceptable to us now, totally fine. I have no problem with it. And of course we've now heard that that was not planned, and that this forced poor old Obama's hand because Obama really wasn't through evolving.

But this sped up Obama's evolving. Because Obama had already reached his decision. He let the cat out of the bag to Robin Roberts. He had already reached his decision. He just didn't want to announce it now. He wanted to announce it either before the convention or sometime this summer to get more bang out of it.

No question, this is one bizarre family.

16 May 2012

Sharpton BLASTS Black Pastors For Ditching Obama


Reverend Furious Over Gay Marriage Defections

If the SS Obama sinks in November, Al Sharpton may just go down with the ship. Is he ready?

To the point of political abandonment, the president's sudden gay marriage flip-flop has some African-American pastors feeling burned, but that has the Reverend hopping mad. The MSNBC prime-time propagandist sees their withdrawal of Obamist support as traitorous disloyalty.

The bottom line: while pastors adhere to a set of moral beliefs, Al places partisan politics above all else.

During yesterday's syndicated radio show, Sharpton lashed out at blacks who stood by Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky mess but are now ditching the Dear Leader.

Funny, we don't recall Sharpton criticizing Clinton at the time for his "sin", do you?

Yes, there was left-wing unity behind Bubba, but now that's been recast as "slobbering" support. So it's hard to understand how Sharpton can consider himself above-board here.

From yesterday's Keeping It Real With Reverend Al Sharpton:

AL SHARPTON (16:21): When I start hearing people say I disagree with his [Obama] position I’m all right with that, I respect that there are things we can disagree with. But when I hear them say they’re not going to vote cause we prayed for him, I saw black ministers, the same one you naming get around and lay hands and pray for Bill Clinton, when Bill Clinton we know committed a sin and we still voted for him and prayed for him.

So what is the difference in this man [Obama] taking a position and an opinion, not committing the act, just saying I’m all right with the legal right for people to do this and people that have committed acts, we didn’t do that to. That’s why I say a lot of these guys are hypocrites. They had prayer meetings for Bill Clinton! Some of the same ones you talking about. Prayer meetings! Got on their knees slobbered and rolling down the floor to keep him on office, when they were trying to impeach him.

Al, we sure hope this guy is worth it, because you've gone all-in here, leaving no chips on the table for the next hand.

15 May 2012

Rush Limbaugh Inducted Into Missouri Hall Of Fame


Flap Over MO Honor Just Beginning


If the plan was to drive our "progressive" friends absolutely nuts ahead of election day, then (so far, at least) it's a resounding success.

drives lefties batty like positive developments in the life and career of arch-nemesis Rush Limbaugh. As they're still furious over the mere continuation of his program, yesterday's surprise honor at Missouri's State Capitol has the potential to send more than a few over the edge.

It was enough to distract the left's Smear Machine for a few hours before reverting to the usual mindless gay-baiting and other slimy tactics.

El Rushbo's induction into the Hall of Famous Missourians was closed to the public and kept secret until his bust was unveiled to attendees and the media. That sent Democratic legislators into a tizzy, but how else could this be done given substantial security risks?

Dems were quick with ridiculous spin, according to KMOX:

“It is quite clear from their handling of the Limbaugh ceremony that Republicans were ashamed of what they were doing and wanted as few people as possible to witness it. When you take great steps to hide what you’re doing, it usually means that you know what you’re doing is wrong,” said House Assistant Democratic Leader Tishaura Jones, D-St. Louis.

According to press reports, President Harry Truman, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, George Washington Carver and Stan Musial are already featured at the Capitol.

If you're ready for a wager, let's guess how long it will take before "progressives" try to attack the statue or remove it from the hall.

But the bottom line is clear: Rush Limbaugh truly IS one of the most famous individuals to emerge from the state of Missouri, more than justifying his presence there.

11 May 2012

MSNBC's Schultz Looking At Canadian Citizenship


Big Eddie Considering Canuckistan Citizenship

Almost out of the blue, citizenship has become a major political issue over the past week. Between former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's bizarre U-turn over her secondary Swiss nationality to a Facebook co-founder's tax-dodging American renunciation, it's clearly a hot potato.

For a truly baffling take, however, look no further than to MSNBC's Ed Schultz, who's been ripping the Minnesota congresswoman over the Swiss matter.

That might be considered reasonable to some, but he then threw radio listeners a curve by announcing his intent to apply for Canadian citizenship!

Here's what Big Eddie told his syndicated radio audience:

ED SCHULTZ (21:27): Holmy, this is the best story I've had in a long time because now the righties, because I eventually am going to get dual citizenship. I'm going to go down the road of being a Canadian. I'm going to do that, because I want to. It's not 'cause I don't dislike America. [yes, he actually said this]

It's just because they're in our hemisphere, we're in a global economy. Now let me tell you the real truth, they have health care, we don't! And I pay taxes up there and so what the hell! Why not be a Canadian too?

HOLM (PRODUCER): That's it, you're paying taxes in both places. So it's not like you're dodging taxes ...

SCHULTZ: That's right!

HOLM: ... by having a Canadian fishing lodge.

SCHULTZ: That's right.

Yes, this is the same guy who spends much of his time pushing a "pro-America" union agenda. Is he simply looking for an escape route once Obama's regime destroys the nation?

08 May 2012

MSNBC's Papantonio: Romney's A Nuclear Madman


Libtalker Declares Nuclear War On Romney

Are there any original ideas left in politics?

As they continue to road-test campaign tactics, our enlightened, always civil libtalk friends are recycling ancient scare tactics. The latest: "progressive" MSNBC contributor / radio host / trial lawyer Mike Papantonio has reached into LBJ's 1964 playbook to portray Mitt Romney as a nuclear madman.

It's O-tomic warfare!

Attempting to restrain his giggling at one point, "Pap" seems to know his rhetoric is absurd. But that doesn't stop the Romney = Goldwater mantra from being chanted several times during the Ed Schultz Show (where he's a regular TV / radio fill-in host).

From Friday's syndicated radio broadcast:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (19:03, initially referring to caller): Will, I gotta tell you, this is an important election. It's not just about the economy. I am telling you. Imagine, imagine a, a, a big mushroom cloud in the background of Mitt Romney every time you look at him, because he has surrounded himself with people who would do that in a second.


PAPANTONIO (28:46): When I see this guy give a speech, I visualize a mushroom cloud behind his head, because that's what he's about! I mean, if you think about it, that's what he's about!

And here's LBJ's infamous, yet highly effective 1964 anti-Goldwater ad:

Watch for more of this kind of rhetoric to be woven into O's campaign over the coming weeks.

03 May 2012

Democrat Operatives In Last-Ditch Effort To Salvage Elizabeth Warren's Candidacy


Dems: Nothing To See Here, Blame Scott

It's hard to remember the last time a candidacy has imploded faster than Elizabeth Warren's in Massachusetts. The loopy Bay State Democrat has been crushed by revelations she's long claimed, falsely, to be an ethnic minority. 

At best, she's 3% Cherokee. 

Her own responses to press questions have been contradictory at best. The latest: she was just hoping to socialize with "other" Native Americans.

Who's running this ridiculous campaign, anyway?

But in the absence of another Democrat ready to step in to replace Warren (yes, we really ARE at that point now!), party hacks are desperately trying to throw Lizzy a lifeline. Though the story was actually broken by the scrappy Boston Herald, blaming Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) is central to this dubious strategy.

During today's Bill Press Show, the libtalk host and partisan operative guest tried to do just that, with especially dishonest results:

BILL PRESS (03 MAY 2012 - 31:20): If I were in Massachusetts, I’d be voting for Elizabeth Warren, but even more so now that I know she’s a Native American. What’s that whole thing about? 

ADAM GREEN: Yeah, it’s kind of absurd. You know it’s not even a scandal, a controversy I guess. 

PRESS: Scott Brown I mean is this how desperate he is?
GREEN: Totally, totally.


GREEN (33:26): It’s really important that someone like her, someone with such a distinguished record of actually, not just talking about Wall Street accountability, but doing it. You know being willing to bring Wall Street executives before her, grill them hold them accountable. Someone like that needs to be elected. It’s a really important test case and part of the reason Scott Brown is drawing up this absurd Native American issue is to distract from the other press attention that’s out there. 

Think Dems will really stand by Warren for much longer? They're almost certainly lining up alternates as we speak - bank on it.

Lefties Quick To Dump Arianna After Obama Ad Criticism


Zsa Zsa's Obama-Osama Ad Slam Too Much For Left

With Obama's hoped-for re-election approaching, our "progressive" friends are shooting first and asking questions later. As Arianna Huffington has most likely discovered, excommunication from the liberal movement takes relatively little this year.

Zsa Zsa's crime? Daring to criticize Obama's football-spiking campaign strategy regarding Osama's planetary removal. 

That means the AOL - Huffington Post mogul's now a "conservative" once again and punishment includes a political relocation to Siberia. 

Listen below as libtalker Randi Rhodes reveals the party's Huff talking points:

RANDI RHODES (01 May 2012 - 50:24): Is she turning into a Republican again, cuz she switches sides more than Mitt Romney does - you know that - she was a Republican then she was a Democrat when she realized that there was a growing need for uh information from the left - sorta showed up around my old - my old employer, started hanging out there and realized there was some people with money - and, you know, now all of a sudden she realized she's on Mitt Romney's side again? I mean, you know - listen - the reason your website is successful is because it contains virtually nothing from you! Keep your mouth shut and keep raking in the money.

Oh - and give the same advice to Mitt Romney won't you please, Arianna? She said - to turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do – despicable [Randi puts emphasis on the pronunciation of the word despicable to make fun of Arianna’s Greek heritage and accent] is a very strong word coming out of the mouth of somebody who sounds like a James Bond villain!
At least the people who worked for the President's campaign get PAID, Arianna!

Funny how HuffPo working conditions never bothered more than a few of our "progressive" friends in the past. They were perfectly happy to look the other way as long as Zsa Zsa remained a loyal, unquestioning partisan.

Does this really make Arianna a conservative or is she merely taking issue with Obama's campaign strategy?

01 May 2012

Caller To Sharpton: Did Cheney Take Trayvon's Heart?


Even The Reverend Has His Limits

Did you hear the one about Dick Cheney stealing Trayvon Martin's heart for personal use? We hadn't either, but it's apparently been circulating for weeks

If it were a joke, there might be a tasteless punchline to offer, but this one's merely a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Did it begin with a Jon Stewart gag

The silver lining in this sad state of affairs is an indication that even the Reverend Al Sharpton has his limits. Who knew? 

During yesterday's edition of Keeping It Real, Sharpton could barely contain his irritation as a caller asks in all seriousness whether Trayvon's heart was transplanted into the former vice president's body:

SHERRY IN SOUTH CAROLINA: I never got a clear understanding of Trayvon’s heart, was it actually given to Dick Cheney, or was it not? 

SHARPTON: No I don’t know anything, I don’t think they gave Trayvon’s heart to Dick Cheney, no. 

SHERRY IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Did they give it to anyone? 

SHARPTON: As far as I know his heart was not donated to anyone, I have not heard that from the family at all, but I know Dick Cheney didn’t get it.

SHERRY IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Okay, all right. I’m finally cleared up on that. 

SHARPTON: And that’s thank you for your call. And see that’s another thing, they put out outrageous rumors that people don’t know right from wrong, that’s why we need to stay right on these stations and give information, cause people innocently can be misinformed not trying to do anything but get the right information cause you get inundated by these people that just sit around fantasizing all day long. 

Some people will truly believe ANYTHING and that's what makes this a dangerous world.

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