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15 June 2012

Geraldo Rivera: Romney's A Racist


Rivera: It's OK To Overlook Obama's Failures

With a breathtakingly-obnoxious presentation, floundering libtalker Geraldo Rivera has found a way to chase off any remaining listeners. If he could bottle this on-air audience repellent, it could prove especially useful for summer campers.

Coming just months after he implored Romney to "admit he's Mexican", WABC's Designated Station-Killer was at it again yesterday with a ridiculous Mitt The Racist smear.

As the one-time Gerald Riviera fancies himself the last word on such matters, who are we to argue?

It's an easy way to excuse Obama's many failures: his opponent's a bigot!

From yesterday's radio show:

ERIC BOLLING (GUEST, FOX NEWS CHANNEL) (24:22): Aren't Latinos historically very, very religious?


BOLLING: Aren't they historically very, and by the way, isn't the Latino unemployment rate pushing 11 percent also?

GERALDO: It's pretty high.

BOLLING: Yeah. So why, you're Latino, why would you vote for President Obama if in your community there's 11 percent unemployment? He's clearly not doing anything ...

GERALDO: Because you vote for the other guy and the other guy wouldn't even let you in his apartment.


GERALDO (26:20): I believe that immigration has been so hyped by the media and by cable news that now people would rather live next door to a child molester than an illegal alien.

And here's his earlier "Mitt The Mexican" rant:

If it seems like we're picking on Geraldo a lot, it's because we are. He deserves it.


  • Why is being a Mexican a "smear." Dude's father moved to MEX to be a missionary. Chill out and move to the 21st century.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 June, 2012 00:51  

  • Thank God for remote controls. As soon as Geraldo's face appears a new channel always appears on my TV. Strange that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 June, 2012 08:14  

  • I'm in the NY area, and cannot stand Geraldo. He is confused, he avoids subjects that diverge from his world view, his show has little content. Most of all his voice is terrible for radio - he doesn't inflect, and comes off with this monotonous delivery. That was actually surprising since you don't get that from his television performances.

    Plus his audience is conservative, but he stays liberal - not middle of the road as he claims, but dead liberal. In fact, his show is instructive as it indicates how a NY liberal thinks of middle of the road - he is still liberal, but if he is not a foaming mouth anarchist this is somehow middle of the road.

    If I wanted to listen to a liberal I'd tune in NPR or Pacifica - why bother with Geraldo?

    The guy is an embarrassment and he is embarrassing himself - if he can't make it in radio - and he can't - where will he go from here?

    My message to Geraldo is retire now while he can, and before he makes even more of an ass out of himself.

    I haven't been to this site for awhile - now back - nice to know the obnoxious commentators are gone.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 September, 2012 13:42  

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