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31 August 2012

Sharpton: Clint Eastwood Offensive To President


Rev Al Steps In To Protect O's Feelings

Even as the SS Soetoro begins its fateful plunge into the sea, at least one friend appears willing to go down with the ship: the Reverend Al Sharpton. If nothing else, he's loyal.

Clint Eastwood's unscripted, hilarious performance at last night's RNC Convention hit just a bit too close to home for the good rev. During today's Keeping It Real With Reverend Al Sharpton, he called Dirty Harry's speech "offensive" and "demeaning".

First, the already-infamous presentation:

Though lefties
have been griping about Clint's performance all day, leave it to Al to add his trademarked race card.

For a real knee-slapper, however, we direct your attention to his assertion President Bush never would have been treated this way. Where do we begin to pick that apart?

Here it is:

AL SHARPTON (31 August 01:04:20): the speech, acceptance speech by Mitt Romney probably better delivered as a performer then I thought, but with some very interesting points including a moment that as I said when he talks about we need an American to do great things, was that his birther moment again?

The bizarre and embarrassing and ridiculous and insulting and offensive statement skit whatever you want to call it by Clint Eastwood.

I don’t understand how in a moment of hour primetime where you get to make your case to the country on why you should be president you put up an old actor who offends the presidency referring to the worst of searing words and comes out of this kind of disrespectful bag and that’s what you want to show the country that you want to be President. Well maybe that I who you are.

I mean the Clint Eastwood thing was so demeaning. Imagine if President Obama had an aging actor get up and put an empty chair there and start referring to profanity and all about President Bush or even a presidential candidate what the reaction would be.

A real offensive presentation and then Marc Rubio got up and followed the form of the Republican Convention, he got up talked about Marc Rubio.

You want bizarre?
Just wait until Boston Mayor-For-Life Tom Menino addresses Democrats next week. You'll need a translator to understand a word of it.

30 August 2012

Spitzer: Chris Christie's 'A Buffoon'


Libs Furious Over Convention Success

Welcome to 2012, where our "progressive" friends no longer merely disagree with Republicans, but are furious that an opposition party still exists and dares to hold a convention.

Time to hire Putin for some consulting work?

Tracking the left's moaning and groaning over the surprisingly-compelling GOP gathering is overwhelming, but we've added many libtalk highlights to our YouTube channel which can be found here. Clips are uploaded frequently, so be sure to subscribe if you haven't already done so.

Here are two that stand out: disgraced former Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) shamelessly calling New Jersey Governor Chris Christie "a buffoon" and libtalker Thom Hartmann comparing convention-goers to "cockroaches".

Have a look:

BILL PRESS (29 August 2012 - 42:54): So, I must tell you I was ready for a real barnburner from Chris Christie and I was really disappointed. He didn't rise to the occasion I thought. what was your take?

ELIOT SPITZER: I though his speech was flat I thought it was predictable pandering there was nothing it in keeping with the rest of the evening in terms of its sophistry and compete delusional claims of economic theory and if Chris Christie is supposed to be some better orator completely missed me completely totally missed me. I just thought he was a buffoon.


SPITZER (43:46):
Look I thought the best speech of the evening by far was Ann Romney’s. I thought hers was a good speech. I thought the rest were absolutely abominable in terms of their just rank falsehoods pandering and I’m glad to see it is a bit early so I haven’t seen as many editorials on stuff as I want, but boy at least the New York Times calls them out on sheer lies and distortions.

PRESS: Yeah right no exactly.

And from Thom Hartmann's syndicated libtalk program:

THOM HARTMANN (1:58): Mother Earth seems to be saying [to Republicans], 'You know all that money you're taking from the fossil-fuel industry...and not just you, by the way, but all the TV networks that are down there covering you and sucking up to you...they're taking that same money in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising.'

HARTMANN (2:50): They shut down the first day [of the RNC]. They'll be back tomorrow. Nothing stops them. It's like cockroaches.

And we suppose they won't mind a dose of criticism aimed at their convention next week, right?

28 August 2012

Sharpton Caller Spreads Hoax Romney Quote


Birth Of A Campaign Smear


Ever wonder where kooky "progressive" conspiracy theories get their start? Monday's Al Sharpton radio show provides a case study.

During his syndicated Keeping It Real program, the reverend engaged a hoax caller in all seriousness as that person spread an outrageous "slavery" lie about Mitt Romney and his family. It apparently originated with a political parody site.

Though Sharpton did express a limited degree of skepticism during the call, his response did little to keep a crazy new claim from spreading across America.

This is why hosts have call-screeners: to keep out the riff-raff and check out assertions before they reach the airwaves. A smarter (or more honest) talker would have seen right through this absurdity:

Throughout the call,
Sharpton seems about 50% suckered, not especially skeptical until its conclusion. We'll expect a full retraction during his next program, but will that be enough to stop this new lie from taking on a life of its own?

20 August 2012

Libtalkers Fret Over Fluff 'Reporters' With Obama Access


'Progressive' Loyalty Goes Unrewarded

He sucked-up to the president for four years and all he got was this lousy coffee mug!

As it becomes clear Obama would rather hang out with entertainment "reporters" and Hollywood celebs than answer real questions about his policies, let's shed a tear today for our shunned "progressive" friends. George Clooney is apparently far more appealing.

Leading the sob-brigade today was libtalker Bill Press, who lamented the Dear Leader's mistreatment despite having dutifully attended daily media briefings at the White House. As Press could easily be considered the most loyal of lefty talkers, public criticism of Obama is highly unusual.

From today's syndicated radio / CurrentTV-aired program:

BILL PRESS (4:15): So, President Obama he’s not doing any interviews for the hardworking serious Reporters like me that go to the briefings every day. Instead he’s giving interviews to like Entertainment Tonight and of course when you give interviews to Entertainment tonight you get asked the serious questions like do you and George Clooney talk on the cell phone very often.

[After Entertainment Tonight audio plays]

Yeah okay so he’s got my, obviously he’s [Clooney] got his cell phone number but he doesn’t use it much huh?

OGBURN: Do you love how Obama puts it? He’s [Clooney] very sensitive about not bothering me you know I mean you know. He talked about it the way that you know like a dating couple would talk. He knows I’m very busy and she doesn’t bother me at work yeah you know she respects that.

PRESS: Ha ha ha. But, anytime she wants to call.

OGBURN: Yeah, she knows I’m always there for her.

PRESS: Okay, he’s [Obama] not the only one to have a man crush on George Clooney.

Not only is this rare criticism from a libtalker, but it's the kind of language that could get a conservative host in a bit of trouble. Suggesting Obama and Clooney are some kind of an item? From the left? We are truly navigating uncharted waters.

19 August 2012

Violent 'Progressive' Language Follows DC Shootings


Could Rabid Rants Spark Next Shooting Spree?

It's a question we've often been asked: why bother keeping tabs on lefty talk hosts with small audiences?

Our answer has never changed: all it takes is one or two crackpot listeners to cause innocent people to get hurt. And given nationwide availability via satellite radio and the Internet, libtalkers are not as obscure as some believe.

After a disturbing shooting incident at the Family Research Council's DC headquarters earlier this week, the issue should now be settled for good. Though we're not blaming "progressive" talkers for the attack, their giddy response could encourage further violent, anti-conservative attacks. And for that reason, it's necessary to keep close tabs on their hate speech.

How many listeners does Mike Malloy have? The better question is this: what kind of person agrees with his unhinged rants? Would you want a Malloy listener living in your neighborhood?

Below, see his response to the FRC shootings. Should this really be ignored?

MIKE MALLOY (06:24): ya filthy, filthy right-wing bastards! You're going too far! You really are going too far! One of these days somebody's going to go berserk and walk into one of your filthy holes of religious insanity with a gun! Oh! I think that happened today! [Referring to shootings at the Family Research Council's DC office]


MALLOY (06:53):
so this is what the fanatics - these filthy, degenerate gutter Christians are doing. They would happily sacrifice this 10-year old child in order to save their goddamn fetus!


MALLOY (07:32):
and that's the only thing that mattered to this filthy, gutter, stinking corpse-eating, filthy anti-abortion movement. I - I cannot come up with harsh enough or strong enough language about these -these - these scum. A 10-year old! Goddamn you people, you have 10-year old daughters, what would you do what would you do?

How about you, Tony Perkins, you got a 10-year old daughter, you ever had one? Supposing your brother raped her and impregnated her and she was 10 - what would you do, Tony Perkins? You filthy swine!


MALLOY (08:36):
it’s a council of a bunch of Christian corpse-eaters!


MALLOY (09:01):
you know this has gotta be a conservative! Liberals hate guns! We hate 'em! So this had to be a conservative who walked in with a six-hour, 9 millimeter handgun pulled it from his backpack!

If conservative groups want to avoid being the next "progressive" target, it's time to overlook tiny ratings and instead focus on the extreme physical danger their fringe element poses.

15 August 2012

Al Sharpton, Eliot Spitzer Defend Stumbling Joe Biden


'Chain' Gang Rallies Around Joe

We know they'd do anything for their Dear Leader, but how about walking the plank for his embattled second-in-command?

After a dismal week for Joe Biden, it wasn't clear whether our "progressive" friends would stand by the gaffe-prone Democrat or demand a pre-convention replacement. Biden is now little more than a drag on the Obama ticket.

But some on the left were quick to defend the former Delaware senator today, including Eliot "Client 9" Spitzer and the Reverend Al Sharpton. The syndicated Keeping It Real and MSNBC host tried to turn the tables by fingering Republicans as the true racists, with questionable results.

From today's Sharpton radio program:

AL SHARPTON (20:15): I think that unquestionably he [Biden] is speaking in front of a black crowd, but I think he said the middle class I think he clearly did not say blacks where as they [Republicans] have been more direct so I don’t think it’s double standard. I think it was I think he used the wrong term I think it might have been over the top. But, what hateful? If he was referring to the middle class even in front of a black audience I don’t know how you make that hateful.

DAVID WILSON (REGULAR GUEST): Yeah yeah I I I you know I don’t know I don’t know I mean it it if I ha ha ha. It is one of those things where I just think they’re simply trying to


Reach and they’re trying to to sort of ah tag this on to President Obama. One of the things I’ve noticed about Mitt Romney’s campaign stumping speech is saying how divisive President Obama is, I think that’s a line that the Republican Party is going to really try to stick to.


Saying that President Obama is promoting hatred and divisiveness. Um so you know I I I don’t know how if that’s going to stick and I doubt it will, but it’s certainly something that they’re they’re trying to make.

And I also think that ah we should deal with the fact that even if they’re not being political and I think they are, even if they [Republicans] really thought this was some borderline hate statement they’d have more credibility if they said and we should stop saying things too. But to just jump on Biden when you out there with "birther" and out there with "food stamp president" and out there with "I told them they’re not getting any more free stuff" and act like there ain’t nothing wrong with that but I’m gonna take this stretch here is crazy.

I mean I’ve said things that I know I shouldn’t have said that and therefore I can question him about "food stamp president", but you can’t give yourself immunity and then turn around and jump on somebody else without people saying wait a minute you don’t have the moral standing to take that position.

WILSON: Yeah, yeah I, it and that’s so true. I mean I think that you know ah um the Romney campaign they can’t complain about anybody using racially charged rhetoric when they’ve been the the you know they’ve been the the main ones doing it.

And from today's Bill Press Show, here's Spitzer defending the embattled veep:

BILL PRESS (36:33): Romney calls it a new low in American politics Eliot.

ELIOT SPITZER: Beats me, seems you know this is again the Romney campaign desperate to find something to change the topic. They’re the ones who used the metaphor of being shackled.

PRESS: Hmm… hmm… Unchain Wall Street.

SPITZER: And Vice President Biden is saying they’re going to shackle you not ah ah I don’t even know where to start, it’s all they all, this kind of pop on to the wires yesterday and I said oh this is worse than silliness. We’re finally talking about substance let’s stay on substance. Let's talk Medicare lets' talk taxes. Lets talk the real issues, we're down to about you know twelve weeks to go or some such if I'm right and so, let's get serious about this.

PRESS: Yeah, I mean I think clearly Joe Biden was making a play on words, on their own words, right, which is to unchain Wall Street. But I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick and tired of Mitt Romney whining.

If Obama fails
to pluck Biden from the campaign trail, explaining away his screw-ups could become all-consuming, wasting precious resources. Here's to more Joe!

08 August 2012

David Shuster: Romneys Bought Hammer To Smash Losing Horse


Former MSNBC Talker: Mitt May Have Asperger's

They'll say anything to demonize Mitt Romney.

For the latest example of "progressive" gutter politics, we turn to former MSNBC host David Shuster, now of CurrentTV.

Apparently unsatisfied with the current anti-Mitt smear campaign, he kicked it up a notch earlier today with a couple of sick rants.

Taking place during the syndicated Stephanie Miller Show, Shuster suggested a supposedly anti-social Romney could be diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder. From there, it was all downhill with a sick "joke" about Ann Romney's Olympic Dressage horse being smashed in the head with a hammer for failing to medal.

Take a look:

DAVID SHUSTER (36:32): Every time you hear Mitt Romney speak these days I keep thinking about I have an uncle who specializes in the field of Asperger's, and people with autism, and has been making the point to me for several years that there’s some very brilliant creative people who have Asperger's and he’s suggested perhaps that Mitt Romney has some sort of form of Asperger's because he’s so socially inept in terms of being able to connect with people.

What he thinks is funny is really sort of not so funny. I sort of wonder if there is some sort of tic that he has or something that’s related to that.


LAVOIE (37:12):
He (Romney) has a bucket in his car and he just said hardware stuff.

MILLER: He doesn’t know what a donut is.

SHUSTER: Yeah I bought a hammer to hit Rafalca over the head for getting you know 30th place after we took a $77,000 dollar tax write-off.

LAVOIE: Oh David Shuster!

MILLER: Oh David Louise Shuster! All right.

LAVOIE: Ha ha ha ha!

SHUSTER: I must say, I you know the Rafalca issue is really personally offended me because I’m embarrassed I don’t think our Olympians should be getting in 30th place and especially when they’re taxing tax write offs and if Mitt Romney is pleased of Rafalca proud of Rafalca then he’s got even more problems than he knows.

Is this really the road to a second Obama term? Let's hope the American people think otherwise.

06 August 2012

Libtalkers Demand More Democratic Party Lies


Libs Praise Party's Dishonesty, Want More


Just how low have our "progressive" friends sunk this year? They're now perfectly happy with overt dishonesty from Democratic Party leaders for the political backbone it supposedly provides.

Let's face it, lefties KNOW Harry Reid is lying about Mitt Romney's tax returns. But some are brazenly calling for more fibbery!

Sadly, there's NO basis for the Nevada Democrat's repeated claims of improprieties. Even the reliably liberal Washington Post has now slammed Harry's antics.

Nancy Pelosi, Reid's House counterpart, is now hastily attempting to bail him out. Good luck with that.

Harry's smear campaign
also has outright supporters: check out this disturbing bit from today's (syndicated radio / CurrentTV) Stephanie Miller Show. Here, regular guest Lee Papa's praise is seconded by the host:

LEE PAPA (REGULAR GUEST) (33:52): My ethical standard is that we [Democrats] should be telling better lies. So frankly I don’t even care if this [Reid on Romney’s taxes] is true of not. I think it’s remarkable that a Democrat is actually playing hardball.


From 1989, here's Yello with "Of Course I'm Lying":

Here's to pathological dishonesty! Let's raise a glass in tribute.

02 August 2012

Libtalker Has Epic Meltdown Over Chick-Fil-A


Angry Libtalkers Cluck Over Chain's Success

Who knew fast food
could prove such a potent weapon against "progressive" tyranny? Just a few more "appreciation" days could cause our miserable liberal friends to self-destruct.

First out of the gate this time was crazed libtalker Mike Malloy, he of the repeated, self-described "violence fantasies" against any and all political opponents. From Dana Perino, Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck to many others, Malloy has wished a painful death upon all of them.

We doubt Malloy will be alone in condemning Chick-Fil-A's record turnout, however. So while we look for other examples, see how much of this epic meltdown your stomach can endure:

MIKE MALLOY (01 August 2012) (18:51): Mike Huckabee, this Rupert Murdoch terror broadcast thug, declared today to be Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day! When in your lifetime, boys and girls, have you ever shown your appreciation to a company whose president stands for bigotry, hate, contempt, lies, religious nonsense? 'Well Mike, I didn't say any of that - I just said 'SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN! Yes, you did say that! Uggghhh!

Huckabee urged American to show their appreciation for this bigotry with their wallets! Yes, goddammit, down with the queers! Ain't no queer ever going to get married in America! Buy a chicken sandwich! This is insanity, this is crazy, this is - this is - the inmates have burst out of the asylum! Give me a chicken sandwich in the name of Jesus! Give me a chicken sandwich to stop the queers! Give me a chicken sandwich uh to let the world know I think - I'm having a heart attack - give me a chicken sandwich because queers shouldn't get married! Give me some waffle fries! Give me one of them peach milkshakes! AMEN!

By God, amen, ain't no queer ever going to get married as long as I can buy a chicken sandwich! You morons! You thick-headed idiotic morons! Oh my god! Some people lined up in the summer heat...lines all around the building to get inside a store, while others waited in cars as far as their eye could see for a chance to place their order at the drive-through window. HI, I'M A LARD ASS! And I'm here to stop the queers! Give me two chicken sandwiches! I'm going to eat here every day til either I die or we have a Defense of Marriage Act - goddammit marriage is under assault here! Give me a chicken sandwich, give me another one! Dumb-assery at its peak! People lined up to buy chicken sandwiches! Ughhh! [Mike sighs and crumples a piece of paper to show his exasperation.]

Stay tuned for
more examples of "progressive" tolerance and love.

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