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15 August 2012

Al Sharpton, Eliot Spitzer Defend Stumbling Joe Biden


'Chain' Gang Rallies Around Joe

We know they'd do anything for their Dear Leader, but how about walking the plank for his embattled second-in-command?

After a dismal week for Joe Biden, it wasn't clear whether our "progressive" friends would stand by the gaffe-prone Democrat or demand a pre-convention replacement. Biden is now little more than a drag on the Obama ticket.

But some on the left were quick to defend the former Delaware senator today, including Eliot "Client 9" Spitzer and the Reverend Al Sharpton. The syndicated Keeping It Real and MSNBC host tried to turn the tables by fingering Republicans as the true racists, with questionable results.

From today's Sharpton radio program:

AL SHARPTON (20:15): I think that unquestionably he [Biden] is speaking in front of a black crowd, but I think he said the middle class I think he clearly did not say blacks where as they [Republicans] have been more direct so I don’t think it’s double standard. I think it was I think he used the wrong term I think it might have been over the top. But, what hateful? If he was referring to the middle class even in front of a black audience I don’t know how you make that hateful.

DAVID WILSON (REGULAR GUEST): Yeah yeah I I I you know I don’t know I don’t know I mean it it if I ha ha ha. It is one of those things where I just think they’re simply trying to


Reach and they’re trying to to sort of ah tag this on to President Obama. One of the things I’ve noticed about Mitt Romney’s campaign stumping speech is saying how divisive President Obama is, I think that’s a line that the Republican Party is going to really try to stick to.


Saying that President Obama is promoting hatred and divisiveness. Um so you know I I I don’t know how if that’s going to stick and I doubt it will, but it’s certainly something that they’re they’re trying to make.

And I also think that ah we should deal with the fact that even if they’re not being political and I think they are, even if they [Republicans] really thought this was some borderline hate statement they’d have more credibility if they said and we should stop saying things too. But to just jump on Biden when you out there with "birther" and out there with "food stamp president" and out there with "I told them they’re not getting any more free stuff" and act like there ain’t nothing wrong with that but I’m gonna take this stretch here is crazy.

I mean I’ve said things that I know I shouldn’t have said that and therefore I can question him about "food stamp president", but you can’t give yourself immunity and then turn around and jump on somebody else without people saying wait a minute you don’t have the moral standing to take that position.

WILSON: Yeah, yeah I, it and that’s so true. I mean I think that you know ah um the Romney campaign they can’t complain about anybody using racially charged rhetoric when they’ve been the the you know they’ve been the the main ones doing it.

And from today's Bill Press Show, here's Spitzer defending the embattled veep:

BILL PRESS (36:33): Romney calls it a new low in American politics Eliot.

ELIOT SPITZER: Beats me, seems you know this is again the Romney campaign desperate to find something to change the topic. They’re the ones who used the metaphor of being shackled.

PRESS: Hmm… hmm… Unchain Wall Street.

SPITZER: And Vice President Biden is saying they’re going to shackle you not ah ah I don’t even know where to start, it’s all they all, this kind of pop on to the wires yesterday and I said oh this is worse than silliness. We’re finally talking about substance let’s stay on substance. Let's talk Medicare lets' talk taxes. Lets talk the real issues, we're down to about you know twelve weeks to go or some such if I'm right and so, let's get serious about this.

PRESS: Yeah, I mean I think clearly Joe Biden was making a play on words, on their own words, right, which is to unchain Wall Street. But I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick and tired of Mitt Romney whining.

If Obama fails
to pluck Biden from the campaign trail, explaining away his screw-ups could become all-consuming, wasting precious resources. Here's to more Joe!


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