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09 January 2005

A Mass. Outbreak of Congressional Soreheadedness

It looks like the Boxer Rebellion had some House support as well- sans the tears, but just as tacky. The Massachusetts delegation looked like a bunch of sore losers, with three exceptions.

If these Demos have any evidence that could change over 100,000 votes in Ohio, they should present it. Otherwise pretending their objections are to call attention to election reform simply fails the straight face test.

These are the same people, of course, who have no objection with the very real sleaziness and incompetence that reversed the Washington governor's race on the third count and gave it to Gregoire with a 129-vote margin. Or that provisional ballots were illegally fed into machines rather than placed in envelopes and set aside for later inspection.

None of that matters to them. Instead, it's a lingering fantasy about Bush in Ohio.

(Boston Herald) WASHINGTON - Bay State congressmen Edward Markey and John Olver were among 31 Democrats yesterday who voted against certifying President Bush's re-election win - lodging a formal protest against ballot irregularities in Ohio.
``If we are to form a more perfect union, we must dedicate ourselves to forming a more perfect voting process,'' Markey (D-Malden) said.
Massachusetts congressmen Martin Meehan [related, bio] (D-Lowell), James McGovern (D-Worcester) and John Tierney (D-Salem) were among the 267 House members voting for certification of Bush's 286-251 electoral win.
The remaining members of the state's all-Democratic delegation skipped the vote.


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