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02 January 2005

ReVote WA Effort Underway

ReVote Washington's website is now active if you haven't yet seen it:

The Crisis

The Governor’s election produced no clear victor at a time our state needs a strong decisive leader in Olympia.

The Solution

Washington needs to re-vote the election: one simple ballot style; one clear set of counting rules; with everyone watching very closely.

The Action

Citizens must petition our legislature NOW for this new election. ReVote Washington is here to help facilitate that process.


  • Ahem. There is no "crisis". No matter who wins, we have a governor who is in the pocket of the major industries that dominate the economy of our state.

    Your solution, I think, is actually pretty sound- for the next election. This one is over.

    As for "Action", drop it, it's over. The election, however close, has been conducted according to state law. Unless the repuglicans, sorry about the typo, can prove actual fraud in the process they have no leg to stand on. I have my problems with our governor-elect, but these pale in comparison to my problems with the republican leadership of this state. Chris Vance is almost as duplicitous as are you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 January, 2005 02:07  

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