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28 January 2005

Rush on Illegals

I was thrilled to hear Rush Limbaugh finally going after the illegal immigration issue today. I hope this becomes a habit:


Now, get this story. This story comes today from the San Francisco Chronicle. At least that's where I found it. "Foreign Secretary Says Mexico May Ask International Courts to Block Proposition 200 -- Mexico may turn to international courts in efforts to block a new Arizona law limiting services to undocumented aliens, said Mexican foreign secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez. He said this on Wednesday on an interview on W radio, that Mexico might take such a step after it's exhausted all possibilities under US law to halt Prop 200." Now, these are not the first of these kinds of stories. It's just the latest, where the Mexican government is attacking the United States for enforcing our own immigration laws against its illegal citizens, entering our country illegally.


  • Better late than never Rush....

    Unfortunately, it may be too late.

    The illegals are here in such huge
    numbers that the politicians are
    ready to just change the laws to
    accomodate the law breakers.

    And what about the rest of us
    who have to follow the law and pay
    our taxes? Better speak up quick!

    By Blogger Manny Menendez, at 23 March, 2006 20:38  

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