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28 January 2005

WA: Eyman Keeping Very Busy

The Columbian reports that tax-cutting initiative king Tim Eyman hasn't slowed down a bit since last November's election:

"Just protecting the process," he said. "It's really going to rock 'n' roll."

Eyman's newest proposal, which hasn't been assigned a number yet, would require voter approval for any change to the initiative process.

Eyman has turned that process into a livelihood. He has succeeded, most notably, in cutting the motor vehicle excise tax in 1999 with Initiative 695. He's also failed, most recently, with a measure to cut property taxes and expand gambling.

Besides the "Hands off the People's Initiative" initiative, Eyman is pushing I-900, which calls for performance audits of every state and local government agency to ferret out waste and improve service.

To qualify an initiative for the November ballot, his organization must collect 225,014 signatures by July 8.

With the legislature in Demo control and the gubernatorial mess, Washington State needs Tim Eyman more than ever.


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