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23 January 2005

SpongeBob, Snow and Weather Anchors

There's as much as five feet of snow outside right now, people are actually trapped inside their homes. Somehow, the power is still on. Hard to imagine between the relentless snowfall, 50-70MPH windgusts and coastal flooding in the Cape Cod Area.

I managed to shovel a path toward the driveway earlier, but it's already covered in more snow. The hardest part was getting the front door open. But I don't mind any of it.

What did tick me off? A weather anchor on one of the Boston newscasts last evening.

In talking about the need to stay off of area roads so crews can do their work, and the probability of Sunday church services being cancelled statewide, said in a mocking, sarcastic tone, "I'm sure GOD will forgive you for missing church this one time."

Did anybody else catch this?

I mention it because it bothers me a lot more than any gay conspiracy tied to SpongeBob SquarePants. It's funny, because SpongeBob is a show I checked out a couple of times before I let my son (four) watch it. It is a little on the edge and I'm less comfortable with it than the other shows he's starting to outgrow, but as much as I respect Dr. James Dobson, somehow I missed the gay references.


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