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21 January 2005

McDermott Gives Conservatives More Fodder

Extremist Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott of Seattle continues to make life easy for pundits, talk show hosts and Republican fundraisers with his antics, with yesterday's events just another excuse to get the media attention he so relishes:

(Seattle Times)

As Republican faithful toasted the second term of President Bush last night, about 100 liberals gathered in a Washington, D.C., hotel to commiserate on what felt like their bleakest hour.

It was the anti-gala gala, an inaugural party hosted by the Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), a group founded in 1947 that calls itself "America's oldest liberal lobbying organization."

As the '60s cover band took a breather, the crowd turned to hear a give-'em-hell speech by the group's president, Seattle Rep. Jim McDermott.

Introduced as the "star of 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' " the anti-Bush film by director Michael Moore, McDermott took the microphone and tried to cheer up the crowd, which looked as if it were trying to boogie at a wake.


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