The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

30 January 2005

Suddenly Liberals Care About Taxpayers

This is funny, suddenly liberals care about tax dollars, when they're used to correct an illegal election hijacking that benefits Democrats:


OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Whoever wins the legal challenge to the governor's election, the citizens of Washington will pay.

In fact, they're already paying.

The state expects to spend about $200,000 of taxpayer money on private lawyers defending the Secretary of State's office.

And every county auditor and prosecutor is spending thousands of taxpayer dollars in staff time to respond to the Republicans' lawsuit challenging the 129-vote victory of Gov. Christine Gregoire. Some say the lawsuit is bleeding resources from other areas of government.

No word about the bleeding that took place during eight years of Gary Locke allowing state agencies to become bloated beyond recognition, or the millions lost in the State Attorney General's office due to Christine Gregoire's incompetence.


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