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30 January 2005

Seattle Liberals Ready to Abandon US

Why are the stories always about what liberals are about to do, or might do?

How about a story after they resettle in Canada? Perhaps because it's all hot air? There's a big difference between flying a Maple Leaf flag in your front yard (which wouldn't stand out too much in Seattle anyway) and packing up the moving truck for British Columbia.

Did we leave the country when Clinton was President for eight long years?

Something else needs to be explored: do Canadians really want our malcontents? British Columbia really isn't that liberal except in some city pockets and rural areas where hippies settled long ago. Alberta is a red province all the way. The massive numbers of recent Asian immigrants to BC sure don't strike me as very left-wing politically.

Please, hurry up and GO!

(Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

At their home in a comfortable, quiet Seattle suburb, Mike Teller and his partner, Bob Vesely, did not cheer on Jan. 20. While the celebratory thousands lined the streets for the presidential inauguration 3,000 miles away, Teller and Vesely were thinking of their future and the greener pastures they believe await them. They were thinking of escape.

The clue to their getaway destination flies from a pole in front of their house -- a Canadian flag. "We used to fly the U.S. flag, but we changed it to a Canadian flag at the start of the Iraq war," says Vesely, 45, an IT manager. "It was our protest."

If the couple get their way, before too long they will swap the Stars and Stripes for the red and white maple-leaf pennant -- the national flag of Canada -- that now flutters in the breeze outside their home. Having toyed with the idea for many months, Teller and Vesely recently decided to move to Canada. They made their decision on the morning of Nov. 3, the day after the American presidential election. And they are not alone. Even before the election, there were many people vowing that they would leave the country if President Bush was re-elected.


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