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27 January 2005

Bush: Don't Despair, Mass. GOP!

President Bush wants Massachusetts Republicans to know they shouldn't despair and continue to work to reverse their fortunes in the Bay State, according to the Boston Herald:

WASHINGTON - President Bush [related, bio] yesterday offered an upbeat two-word message for besieged Massachusetts Republicans chafing under Democratic domination.
``Don't despair,'' urged Bush, grinning broadly during a meeting in the Oval Office with the Herald's editorial board.
Bush - who used the term ``Massachusetts liberal'' to jab Sen. John F. Kerry [related, bio] - showed himself to be an avid follower of raucous Massachusetts politics.
Asked how Republicans might be able to break the strong grip that Democrats have had on most elected offices in the Bay State, the president quickly ticked off the names of the past three GOP governors: William F. Weld, Paul Cellucci and Gov. Mitt Romney [related, bio].
``Those are people who won elections in a tough state - which shows it is possible,'' Bush noted.
Bush is friendly with all three. He said he lost a poker game to Weld last time they met. Bush made Cellucci his ambassador to Canada. Romney has been rumored as a potential Cabinet pick.


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