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13 January 2005

Why is This Woman Pretending to be Governor?

You have to hand it to Christine Gregoire. The nerve it takes for an election thief to speak to children about civil rights is more than any other person would possess. But that's the mindset of the trial lawyer. It's about winning at all costs without concern for who gets stepped on in the meantime. In this case it's the voters of Washington State and all of America as well.

(KING-5 Television/Seattle)

EVERETT, Wash. - Republican demonstrators followed Christine Gregoire to two events in Everett on her first full day as Washington governor.

They carried signs supporting Republican Dino Rossi and calling for a revote.

Demonstrators remained outside the Everett Events Center where Gregoire spoke to about 800 people at a Martin Luther King Junior celebration. She told the crowd, which included many students, to follow King's legacy by giving back to their communities. She later shook hands and signed autographs.

"There is so much potential across this community, this state and this nation, that can be achieved only with respect and only with tolerance. We have work to do," Gregoire told the audience

KING-5 Photo

Gov. Christine Gregoire told a crowd at the Everett Events Center Thursday that following Martin Luther King's legacy meant giving back to their communities.


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