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06 February 2005

Google: Not So Fair or Balanced?

That's what Michelle Malkin found out the hard way after being told by the company that her blog items could not be included in Google News sections. The reasons listed are strange and ironic given that Google is so heavily involved in the emerging blogging industry.

At the same time she points to biased, slanted stories that do make Google News.

I have two theories: first, what do techies at the company know about journalism, anyway?

This seems to be a common problem with Silicon Valley firms in the Internet business, they understand technology, but not content, certainly not journalism, culture, society, or politics. The area was built on chipmaking, venture capital and writing lines of code.

Second, Silicon Valley's location inside the extreme-liberal San Francisco Bay Area means it is increasingly isolated from America. This kind of provincialism exists in great measure in Portland and Seattle as well.

This becomes a problem when young techies, raised in atypical surroundings, try to relate to real people in the United States on day-to-day issues.

That's why this headline, as Malkin points out, wouldn't seem to Bay Area liberals (including Google staffers) as biased:

Gonzales confirmed: war criminal to head US Justice Department

Increasingly, Silicon Valley tech companies involved in Internet content matters, will have to accept that Americans are not like Bay Area residents and start to reflect that reality in their presentations.

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