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04 February 2005

WA: Gregoire's Death Threat Opportunism: Get Talk Radio

What's Governor Christine Gregoire (D-Election Thief) up to with the sudden public pronouncement she's received "death threats" conveniently blamed on talk radio?

Simple: it's the perfect opportunity to create sympathy for Washington State's least liked public official while at the same making her critics look like raving lunatics.

No doubt there have been threats against Gregoire and Republican Dino Rossi alike, perhaps going back some time, but why disclose this to the public unless you feel you can work the situation to your advantage?

I'm amazed she forgot to blame bloggers since they're about 90% responsible for the strength of the Republican challenge to the stolen 2004 Washington Gubernatorial election.

It's not too late to revise that press release, Ms. Gregoire. Be sure to list SoundPolitics bloggers by name for added effect. You could throw in Tim Eyman for good measure.

Here's something that may not surprise you: threats of this nature come with the territory when you're a public person. Behind the scenes broadcasters and public officials deal with crazy people who are violent and threatening. Over the years in radio it has happened to me many times. The real nuts like to send creepy notes via fax machine in particular for some reason.

But is it something to trumpet across the state, that lunatics are gunning for you? No, not unless you see some political advantage to doing so. That's exactly what shameless opportunist Christine Gregoire is up to here.

The real threat is what Christine Gregoire will do to the people of the state of Washington.

(this story: David Ammons- AP Olympia Bureau)

(also: additional stories at OrbusMax)

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington State Patrol is keeping close watch over both Gov. Christine Gregoire and her Republican rival, Dino Rossi, after Gregoire received a death threat and emotions over the contested election continue to run high.

Gregoire told reporters today she received a death threat and that she plans to keep a lid on publicizing her movements outside the heavily guarded Capitol and Governor's Mansion.

Rossi has around-the-clock protection.

"I'm going to honor it when the chief of the state patrol says that for my personal security, we need to maintain some procedures," Gregoire said, referring to the blackout on releasing a detailed schedule.

"Give me six months. Allow me these six months."

She said blamed "the level of discussion on some of these talk radio shows" for whipping up people.

Update: 10:40AM EST-- The Washington State Patrol doesn't know what Gregoire is talking about in linking threats to talk radio!

(Seattle Times) Capt. Jeff DeVere, spokesman for the State Patrol, would not discuss threats against Gregoire or extra security measures. DeVere said he didn't know what Gregoire was referring to in mentioning talk radio.

Gregoire said she also received death threats during her time as attorney general, and she said they won't interfere with her ability to function as governor.

Update: 10:55AM EST-- Michele Malkin asks me whether Seattle talk radio station signals even reach Yakima County. Excellent question! The truth is that most of them DON'T, with the exception of liberal KIRO. Yakima is a distant radio market with its own talk radio station primarily featuring nationally syndicated programming.

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