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24 February 2005

WA: GOP Should Hold Off on Releasing Names

The Washington State GOP is right to withhold the names of felons, dead people and double-voters until they are compelled to do so by the court.

It's critical they ignore the Democrats, along with their friends at the Seattle papers, who would love to get their grubby paws on the list early. The sooner they get the names, the earlier they can start their campaign to discredit them.

If they can create enough doubt in advance, they can create an atmosphere that undermines the GOP's credibility, regardless of what the truth entails.

The papers are no more trustworthy than the party, it's clear they share an agenda with the WA Dems. The Seattle Times at least investigates allegations, but often slants coverage to the benefit of Gregoire (examples are frequently noted on this blog as they occur).

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's approach is to be dismissive of the challenge. They'll cover developments, but poorly and without depth. Partisan bias is so out-of-hand at the P-I they can't even see straight.

(Seattle Times)

Democratic Party attorney David McDonald said he thinks the list of felons will have to be made public before a trial begins. "It's just kind of ridiculous when you stop and think of potentially setting aside an election for the most important office in the state on the basis of secret testimony the public will never hear," McDonald said. "It seems to me it's public information."

He said he was told the documents Republicans turned over to the Democratic attorneys do not include a list that compiles the names of the alleged felon voters. The documents were being copied yesterday and McDonald had not seen them.

Korrell, though, said it will be "exceptionally easy" to find the names in the documents.
McDonald said Democrats will research the names to make sure "this person voted and is not lawfully entitled to vote."

The felon voters are among about 11,000 records Republicans shared with Democrats to buttress their claim that the governor's election should be invalidated.

In addition to the felon voters, the party found 45 votes cast in the names of dead people, 10 instances of double-voting and five votes cast by people who also voted in another state. "Given the large number of illegal votes, it's likely they affected the outcome of the election" and should force a revote, Korrell said.

Bridges has not said whether Rossi will have to show who each of the felons voted for. That's what attorneys for the Democratic Party say is the standard required by state law.

Wouldn't that standard be impossible to meet if that's what the judge imposes? Obviously it's a secret ballot. Even interviewing voters does not prove how they voted, they could very well give false answers. This means if the Dems are correct no election in the state could ever be successfully challenged in court.


  • I agree. The Republicans are the most secretive organization on the planet, so why open up now? It would be very suspicious if the Republicans provided any information, even under court order. Take Cheney for instance -- he has yet to release attendee lists and meeting minutes from energy policy meetings in the year 2001.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 February, 2005 18:13  

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