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31 March 2005

Patty Murray Meets Post-Intelligencer Editors

Osama Mama Strikes Again

Does "Mom-in-Tennis Shoes" Senator Know When to Quit?

US Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) has a long history of putting her foot in her mouth, particularly about world issues, that reflects both a difficulty in grasping them and a desire to parrot what she thinks is her party's public line.

She doesn't always get it right, sadly, with embarrassing results.

From falling for a Spy Magazine stunt asking for her support for the liberation of the Republic of Fredonia (not a real country, from a Marx Brothers movie) to her asinine comments about Osama bin Laden, Murray is not known as an intellectual heavyweight.

Here's what was reported in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on December 21, 2002:

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Patty Murray intended to be provocative when she told a group of high school students terrorist leader Osama bin Laden is popular in poor countries because he helped pay for schools, roads and even day care centers.

"We haven't done that," Murray said. "How would they look at us today if we had been there helping them with some of that rather than just being the people who are going to bomb in Iraq and go to Afghanistan?"

Murray's remarks, to a group of students in Vancouver, Wash., started even more discussion than she expected after they were published Thursday in The Columbian newspaper of Vancouver and then picked up by The Associated Press.

By Friday, the Murray story was the lead item on the "Drudge Report" Web site and a main topic for talk show host Sean Hannity and other conservative pundits.

Murray's comments sparked national debate on talk radio and prompted readers to bombard the Web site of The Columbian, the Vancouver newspaper that first printed Murray's remarks.

"Between (Murray) and Baghdad Jim (McDermott) I'm surprised the rest of the country even lets Washington send reps to DC anymore," wrote one e-mailer, identified only as robertb.

Now, Murray's at it again:

(Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial- Thursday, March 31)
(Item linked at Orbusmax)

We'll focus on her observations about the war and Iraq. Murray called it "a daunting place to be."

As Murray was flying in a helicopter from Baghdad's airport to the "Green Zone," she witnessed extreme poverty, devastation and raw sewage on the ground. She concluded that Iraq's reconstruction is going to be expensive -- and a long-term venture.

That message needs to be repeated -- Iraq is a long-term venture. That prospect means Congress should fund the Iraq war and reconstruction as a regular budget item (rather than a blank-check supplemental request) so that the American people have transparent accounting of the enterprise.

Murray said the elections moved the country forward, but she's concerned that the rights of women and minorities are in danger in the new Iraq.

Iraqi women never were required to wear headscarves, but the veil is becoming common because women see it as a way to camouflage themselves from fundamentalists.

Notice Sen. Murray seems to have nothing positive to say about the situation in Iraq, only focusing on difficulties in establishing the new government and how unfair it is that more women are wearing headscarves?

Patty, an FYI: under Saddam, women were burned alive or dipped in acid if a relative was merely suspected of crossing the regime. Many were elected to Iraq's parliament in the recent successful elections.

It's hard to imagine when women ever had the rights they enjoy in today's Iraq.

Even Patty should be able to recognize this, but her desire to sound like she knows what her Democrat supporters want to hear is in the way, once again.

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  • Yeah, and SOMEHOW she got re-elected?!? By a wide margin?

    By Blogger Josef, at 31 March, 2005 22:43  

  • She's a Mom in Tennis Shoes, for crying out loud. Who are you to question her?

    By Anonymous Liberal Larry, at 01 April, 2005 11:33  

  • Gee whiz guys, thanks for straightening me out on ol' Patty. I have no business questioning her.

    Josef, true she won re-election handily last November, but the opposition ran a campaign that essentially gave up months before election day. It was a half-assed effort by someone who should have been able to do better. Patty's the luckiest politician in the country.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 01 April, 2005 13:17  

  • Yes Patty Murray won re-election. It has to be said that she was elected by King Co. WA is run by liberals from King Co. There is zero doubt in my mind why WA receives so little consideration from the Federal Gov for projects we need done in the state. Our congressional delegation is a total laughing stock. I would say, watch the military base closures and how the state of WA frustrating.

    By Anonymous kingcoconservative, at 01 April, 2005 14:44  

  • She cant possibly say anything positive about the progress in Iraq or Afghanistan, for if she did it would completely contradict her stated positions. Take her or Cantwell seriously???? Ha! Cant take them anywhere...LOL besides who would want to?? LOL again.
    Cantwell, Murray and Baghdad Jim, our own NW 3 stooges.
    Damn liberal voters of WA, you get what you asked for, it is a shame you are damaging the rest of the good people in the NW.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 April, 2005 17:19  

  • I don't see why Patty's re-election last November means we can't now criticize her.

    Still a politician, still fair game. Where would talk radio, the blogosphere, and be without Patty?

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 01 April, 2005 17:21  

  • Must be a slow news week... Isn't that it the way it played out on your now defunct "radio" talk show?

    When there was nothing really happening you'd pull out the Patty and McDermet material. Glad to see you are still as lame and pathetic as usual.

    BTW if your not on the radio (and haven't found a new gig w/in a year) why would you call yourself a "radio" talk show host?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 April, 2005 18:10  

  • By Brian Maloney, at 5:21 PM

    Well said.

    I think the loons know somewhere, deep, deep down we are right.

    By Blogger Josef, at 01 April, 2005 18:28  

  • 'Loon' here.

    As “elite” and quasi-intellectual the King County liberal majority may be, all that Osama Mama’s re-election shows to the rest of the country is that (all?) Washingtonians have more faith in tennis shoes and lack of leadership, rather than basic intelligence and true leadership. I would say the same about Baghdad Jimbo too.

    It’s Quite a testament, don't you think?

    Hmm. King County, we are SOOO hip, cool and "progressive". We know better than you and have it figured out for you ‘Simpletons’ = conservatives. That's why we are taking your land, your money and your guns.

    Yeah, STUFF it already.

    By Anonymous Buford, at 02 April, 2005 11:04  

  • Our Senator in Tennis Shoes is always awed by the simple and obvious.

    She came to Bremerton recently, she witnessed extreme poverty, devastation and empty buildings. She concluded that Bremerton's reconstruction is going to be expensive -- and a long-term venture. She ran back to Congress and with Rep. Norm Dicks leadership, they transformed $21 million of funding that had been allocated by the Federal Government to "Ferry Transportation Projects" into Her Legacy, a tunnel in downtown Bremerton.

    "This will relieve chronic congestion in Bremerton." she proclaims. The project will offload ferry traffic under Bremerton and exit a couple of blocks away.

    Thank you Osama Momma, what would we have done with out you.

    From, the tired and oppressed in Kitsap county who are going to pay TOLLS to go to Tacoma.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 April, 2005 12:33  

  • Hey Anon,

    Osama would have built day care centers in Bremerton, too, so maybe Patty better re-think her incomplete plan of action.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 02 April, 2005 12:43  

  • Wrote a lengthy letter to the President, very critical about his spending policies (over) and lack of vetos, miserable policy (or the lack thereof) on illegal aliens, pulling our troops from Germany, Korea, et al; his lack of backing to judicial nominees and a multitude of other things that Libertarian types detest....... BUT, at the same time - and this was a year or more ago, prior to the election, suggested base closures here in Washington too -- if for no other reason than to make Patty and Maria look to be as sad as they really are -- what loyalty should Dubya feel toward the multiple bases in a state that doesn't back him?
    Call me disloyal? But, candidly, the Socialist Soviet of Seattle deserves no better, especially when its anti-war zealots try blockades of the sub scene.
    Your witness - - - - - - - -

    By Blogger Frost, at 02 April, 2005 14:55  

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