The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

01 April 2005

Vatican "Spinning" Pope's Condition

ABC Radio: Vatican Lying

As unconfirmed reports emerge that the Pope has in fact passed away, ABC radio news just minutes ago instead focused on the Vatican, accusing them of lying for weeks about the Pontiff's condition.

The ABC Radio reporter said the Holy See had been "spinning" the news about his health for weeks and was now forced to tell the truth. Perhaps they were just trying to remain optimistic?

Can you think of any other religious faith's leadership that American news networks would be so willing to attack? Why is Catholic-bashing such a spectator sport? Because of a group of perverted priests? How does that make the entire Church dishonest?


  • This is nothing new: we've got a term for it "odium fidei" - hatred of the faith. We've been living with this for far longer then this most recent round of scandal. One can't even get worked up over it any more.

    By Anonymous JRP, at 01 April, 2005 14:55  

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