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07 May 2005

Rare White Lobster Found

Don't Tell PETA!

Odds Of Capture: Thirty-Million-To-One

Can't wait for the next round of stories featuring the inevitable eBay bidding war, celebrities sparring, you know the odd crusteacean routine by now, don't you?

A rare, white lobster has been found on Cape Cod, with reports saying the odds are thirty-million-to-one of any potential capture. Next stop is for Mass Lottery tickets!

Nobody's talking about the ultimate fate of "Whitey" (my name, they don't seem to have one yet), but you can see the battle brewing already.

PETA activists are probably approaching Cape Cod as we speak, especially with reports of the animal seeming to be "stressed" and turning slightly blue.

Somebody needs to alert Rush Limbaugh to this.

At the least, Orleans has a new tourist attraction, but I'll bet Whitey (not Bulger, he's even harder to catch) will be hoping for a quick return to the bay, after a dose of the attention he's about to receive.

Even lobsters get their 15 minutes of fame these days!

(Bill Fonda- The Cape Codder Via Boston Herald- 7 May 2005)

``I think she's getting stressed, but when she first came in, she was white as white could be,'' Costa said.
Orleans lobsterman Roger Frostholm caught the lobster out of Nauset Inlet, and said it was white coming out, then turned partly blue, then went white again. Frostholm said he has not seen one in his 18 years of lobster fishing.
``I don't know of anybody that's ever caught one,'' he said.
Costa put a sign on her truck to announce the unusual find. Since then, she said people have been coming in to look and some wanted to bring their off-Cape grandchildren to see it.
``They bring their Polaroids in. They bring their cameras in,'' she said.


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