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02 May 2005

'Right Wingers' To Blame

Investigation For Liberal Blogger?

Seattle Police Talk To HorsesAss.Org Creator

Leftist rabblerouser David Goldstein, a major Pacific Northwest blogger, is hopping mad. He may have good reason, of course, but Goldstein and his supporters are getting mighty carried away.

Seattle police contacted him, after anonymous allegations of attempts to solicit minors on the Internet for sexual purposes, were reported.

Obviously, if false and malicious complaints have been made, the person responsible should be prosecuted. And if it were an attempt by political opponents to silence Goldstein, that would be a serious offense, as well.

Unfortunately, Goldstein and his HorsesAss fans are taking this way too far, blaming the situation on conservatives looking to wipe out his reputation.

One problem: there's no evidence to back up this contention. Does this make him any better than his accusers?

Assuming he's innocent, why turn around and make your own accusation without a shred of evidence "right-wingers" are responsible? Does Goldstein have enemies outside of politics, in his personal life somewhere?

Seems like an easy conclusion to draw when you feel there's some political hay to be made. Could it be political opportunism?

Here's where Goldstein trips himself up, badly:

You want to f**k with me…? Use a little imagination! There are plenty of ways to do it without harming innocent children in the process. But this shameless harassment not only shows how little my accusers care for the lives of innocents – and how much they truly hate democracy, hate free speech, and hate Americait is also a sad illustration of how fat and lazy some righties have grown on their spoon-fed media diet of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

What the f**k were they thinking? … “I don’t like what this guy writes on his blog, so I’ll just accuse him of being a pederast. After all, he’s a dirty, immoral liberal… everybody will believe it.”

Consider this: he says Seattle cops have merely phoned him with questions. If they really suspected he was up to something, wouldn't they set up a sting operation, or appear at his doorstep? To me, it's almost an admission by police that there's little, or nothing to this.

Fellow lefty Michael Hood, at Blatherwatch, calls this "an attempted murder" by opponents:

Goldy did what a blogger had to do: he blogged. He annpounced it to the planet before it got a chance to fester in the fetid cyber-rumor mills stoked by the traditional values community.

Right-wingers? Hell yes. Who else do you think would do such a thing--the Green Party? moderate Democrats? Moderate Republicans, even? It was the new breed, lowest common denominator conservatives, who say God’s on our side, all’s fair in love, etc. and this is war.

It's easy to let emotions get carried away here, but let's wait for some facts to emerge, first. Why didn't he wait to see how this proceeded, before writing about it?

And where was the same outrage when fringe-left talk show host Mike Webb repeatedly cut and pasted audio together, using advanced software, to suggest that rival talkers were neighborhood predators, or other slanderous allegations?

I was forced to deal with this lunatic on many occasions, after he spliced pieces of my comments together, to create phony "excerpts". Many other Seattle-area hosts were also subjected to it.

These guys should tread more carefully from here, before they step on more landmines.


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