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07 July 2005

Terrorism Roundup

Latest London Developments

TV, Talk Radio, Blogosphere Reactions, Coverage Mixed

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--- AP Update here. 1.30pm EDT death toll: 37. ABC: bus attack was homicide bombing.

--- Substantial eyewitness accounts logged at the BBC's site here.

--- Subdued London Times headline. Web traffic obviously at extreme levels. Appeal for photos from readers. Police: no warning. Right photo credit: TimesOnline.

--- Important new story from WCBS radio: terrorist sleeper cells, awakened in England, ready for action in America?

--- AP/WCBS: Pataki says New Yorkers stand with Britain.

--- Full photo spread at

--- It's getting harder to access UK news sites due to extreme traffic spike.

--- Gov. Romney raises T security levels in response. Would you ride the subways today? Boston riders reportedly reluctant to board. Boston TV news focus: whether it is safe to ride MBTA buses and trains. Major Logan security hike.

--- R's and D's agree: this is no time to close Otis Air National Guard Base on Cape Cod, given its especially vital role in Homeland Security. The PAVE PAWS facility at Otis detects incursions into American territory, today's attacks underscore the need to keep it open. Otis supporters rallied in Boston.

--- Blair's looking strong and resolute, this kind of leadership should silence Labour backbenchers for the time being, perhaps extending Blair's time at No. 10. If they try to blame the attacks on his decision to get involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, it could very well backfire while emotions run high.

--- Bloomberg looking strong, a real opportunity to show leadership.

--- The power of mobiles becomes clear, as much of the footage we're seeing of the immediate aftermath comes from individuals holding phones up, to record events. It's like having thousands of cameramen at the scene. Amazing.

unionjack.jpgBlogosphere jumps into action:

--- Very substantial coverage from Michelle Malkin this morning, starting moments after news broke. Michelle wonders why there were never any real answers regarding a fizzled May 5 attack outside the British Consulate in New York, just before parliamentary elections. Was it a dry run, she asks?

--- Power Line tries to halt a tall tale:

I'm afraid we may have an urban legend in the making. Benjamin Netanyahu is in London to give a speech at an economic conference, and it has been reported that he got advance warning of the impending attacks:
Army Radio quoting unconfirmed reliable sources reported a short time ago that Scotland Yard had intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred.

The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address and economic summit.

This report has now been corrected; there was no warning until after the first blast.

It's worse than an urban legend, I'm afraid, it will become fodder for Islamic extremists.

There is a Yahoo/AP story on it, however and Drudge still has it linked.

--- From Ace Of Spades: I think all discussions of political implications should be handled delicately. They're still counting the dead.

I don't expect England to "overreact" as the world fretted when we were attacked. But I have to think that Al Qaeda's little safe base in London-- that hook-handed monster, for example, openly supporting terrorism -- has come to an end.

--- Michael King's updating as well.

--- Orbusmax updating news headlines regularly.

--- Red State Rant on the difference between Britain and Spain.

--- Captain's Quarters: Egyptian diplomat hostage murdered.

--- Instapundit has a number of recommendations for UK blog sites and more. Glenn carries a quote from a counterterrorism site that this may be part of a summer offensive. Many regular updates here.

--- BlogsForBush has the full text of the President's statement.

--- lgf reports British Muslims have been warned to stay indoors for the time being.

--- At Media Slander, La Shawn Barber brings her perspective.

Television coverage has so far been mixed:

Cable goes wall-to-wall, broadcast networks mixed. Some stations still running regular programming. Local news mostly focused on story, but with major local angles that sometimes seem too provincial.

Certainly the potential for local attacks is quite possible and should be a big element of coverage, but it shouldn't overshadow what's happened in London.

Focus on the news that has actually occurred. Let's show we care.

Some other stories being covered as well. Actually heard an Aruba update. Let's take a pass on that one for a few days, shall we?

Talk radio caught off-guard:

While the blogosphere jumps right in, talk radio is caught with its pants down. Many regular hosts are away this week and the substitutes in their place range from nightmarish, to completely unairworthy.

These people are just not equipped to handle major news stories and it's obvious to the listenership. Talk radio shouldn't leave itself this vulnerable to major developments.

Hosts who care about their audiences should cut trips short or do remote broadcasts today.

Reader points out Rush and Hannity are in today. Limbaugh's always at his best during major news events. He sounds great right now, saying Britain will become more resolute and not cave in, as happened in Spain.

Rush also correctly points out that leftists are wrong to call this merely a criminal action, it's so obviously an act of war.

Blogs are busy picking up the slack.

I'm starting to hear from you
about TV and radio coverage. Please leave comments in the section below, no registration required. How are your local radio and TV stations handling it? Or the networks? Thanks.



    Lecture Notes: 07-07-05

    Codicil to the Will.

    I will post a photo of cherry blossoms with a black border. When you see this you will know I am dead.

    I ask if you should investigate my death, and determine that things are as I have alleged, that you take action against those who have wronged me.

    Distinguish between those who merely commented upon these events, (Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, George Will, Sam Donaldson, Chris Matthews, John Roberts, Tim Russert, Al Franken, etc. etc.), and those who took an active part in instigating the actions against me: Michael Weiner, Don Imus, Mrs. Jack Swanson, Ron Owens, Michael Krasney, Sedge Thomson, The Red Comedian, (he would want me to use his name), and all those who worked directly with them at the same stations and networks, Bryan Wilson, Rosie Allen, Dunbar, Weygand, Rodgers, Baxter, McGurk, McCord, etc., and the management of these villains, Mr. Jack Swanson, for one, and the others who allowed their licenses to be so misused, to hector and vex, and oppress a man to his death.

    From the grave, in the name of justice, in the name of our common humanity, I ask that if you agree that they have used their broadcasting licenses perfidiously, maliciously, unjustly that you take their broadcasting licenses away from them.

    I ask that you resell the licenses and give the money to a foundation, The Murdoch-Watts Foundation, for the promotion of health and human decency, justice and wisdom. (To the extent that my death itself may induce others to choose this path a portion should also be devoted to suicide prevention.)

    Make Public Broadcasting and ABC and Viacom and the others pay for their wrongful conduct, and in justice devote the money raised to helping humanity. Taking guidance from the writings of Murdoch and Watts I am sure The Foundation’s board of directors will know better than I how the money should be spent. (I recommend that Jack Kornfield and Yvonne, and George Will and William F. Buckley, Jr., jointly decide on the board of directors.)

    It is difficult to know what arguments should be made but my time has now run out. I beg for justice.

    Note that in life they did not dare contradict me. I have previously offered into evidence the keywords recorded here at this site, but you may also check the logs of domains: NBC and CNBC have visited. The FCC.Gov has visited. By inference the domains from Parsippany New Jersey can be checked against GAB Robins where it is headquartered. (Like Farmers, State Farm, CENCAL, Dean Sodos, Scott Bobro, GAB Robins name appears on the search log.)

    In life Michael Weiner, Don Imus, Mrs. Jack Swanson, Ron Owens, Michael Krasney did not challenge one word they read here though they have often made covert references.

    They impudently and cowardly hid behind our unjust and twisted society knowing perfectly well that the rich and powerful are safe from justice.

    What they have not fully considered is that justice might still be done even after my death. They conceitedly thought that upon my death that they would be safe.

    Show them that they are wrong. Show them that justice may still be done.

    I pray from the grave for justice.

    --- The Colonial Motel Suspect

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 July, 2005 12:17  

  • >>talk radio is caught with its pants down. Many regular hosts are away this week

    Yes, though Hannity has been on (in anticipation of the Freedom Concert
    tomorrow in NJ) as is Rush.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 July, 2005 12:39  

  • What happened in London is a typical day in that new bastion of democracy - Iraq.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 July, 2005 13:35  

  • Brian,

    As a long term listener of you former employer, KIRO, I remember when they used to do overseas news-team trips. It seemed for awhile in the 1980’s that something unexpected always seemed to happen to put them on/near the scene of the news event.

    Today newsman Tim Haeck was on the way back to Seattle from Scotland (courtesy of World Vision & Virgin Air). He was to pass through the London airport within an hour (?) of the blasts. (He is on his way into London now.)

    Maybe they will decide to get back to a being news station that can truly brag about their Morrow awards.

    By Anonymous Gary, at 07 July, 2005 14:33  

  • KOMO Seattle sent it's G8 guy to London. He was on the air by 8am.
    KVI Seattle was lucky enough to have Bryan Suits filling in for AM host. An actual veteran of several wars (most recently 2004 in Iraq), he was stellar and WAY ahead of the MSM analysis.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 July, 2005 15:29  

  • michael savage has the worst fillins when he is not on the air

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 July, 2005 16:14  

  • Brian: When they told you all the positives about running a blog, did they mention that you might get postings such as #1 above? :)

    Bill O'Reilly is cutting short his vacation tonight similar to Hannity last Friday (when Sandra Day O'Connor retired).

    And it was Rick Roberts (KFMB, San Diego) who filed in for Michael Savage most of last week. Given his usual less-than-warm demeanor and contempt for his fellow talk show hosts, I doubt whether Savage bothered to thank Roberts for filling his seat.


    By Anonymous ira, at 07 July, 2005 19:30  

  • I don't expect England to "overreact" as the world fretted when we were attacked. But I have to think that Al Qaeda's little safe base in London-- that hook-handed monster, for example, openly supporting terrorism -- has come to an end.

    It's truly sad it took 40 plus slaughtered to remedy the situation.

    By Blogger RUMPLEMINTZ, at 07 July, 2005 19:37  

  • Got help us if those radio talkers aren't back to work from their vacations to shed some light on this catastrophe and to stir up some more hate toward muslims.

    Hopefully Blair will tie this act of terrorism to Iran's new leader so we can bomb the hell out of them.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 July, 2005 22:52  

  • "How are your local radio and TV stations handling it?"

    Just finished reading another blog where a person on his way to Phoenix reported that on the Christian talk radio stations "caller after caller proclaimed that the London bombing is indeed a sign that the rapture is upon us."

    My question is why doesn't Bush launch a few nuclear missles towards the middle east so we can really get the rapture under way?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 July, 2005 23:58  

  • shameonyou on his radio show july 8 michael savage calld pres. bush a FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow wow now I am a real fan

    By Anonymous michael moore, at 10 July, 2005 14:04  

  • michael savage is a schmuck he wants to be #1 on radio. thats the reason he is bashing "me" and bush

    By Anonymous hush bimbo, at 10 July, 2005 14:10  

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