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06 October 2005

Misleading Franken Ad Published


'Intelligent Life' From Air America?

Proving Al Franken and Air America Radio really do believe the radio industry is full of chumps, this ad ran in Thursday's edition of Inside Radio, a trade publication faxed each morning to executives:

What's wrong with it? Aside from the obvious cracks we can make about "intelligent life" and "Air America" appearing in the same universe, let's look at the blunders individually:

Shown next to him is Franken's departing co-host Katherine Lanpher. She's ditching the program entirely to write a book. Ever hear of a leave of absence?

--- Without noting the show's already been cancelled there, it brags about supposed ratings growth at Providence's WHJJ-AM. As previously reported here, station management indicated to the media that Air America was a disaster in Rhode Island.

--- While the cited Cincinnati ratings growth is possible (breakdowns of this nature are proprietary information), WCKY's overall standing is nearly the same as a year ago, among all listeners 12 and older (per Radio & Records, a 1.0 audience share last year, now 1.1).

If Franken's exploding while the station is stagnant, other Air America programs heard on WCKY must be suffering terribly.

--- Radio's oldest ratings trick is employed in the Los Angeles figure, where it doesn't take much to register huge percentage gains, when starting from tiny numbers.

--- There have been two monthly ratings trend updates since the Spring 2005 Arbitron figures cited. Did things improve, or deteriorate?

Conclusion: any industry executive fooled by this ad has clearly been living in a cave for some time.

Meanwhile, check out this gem (a featured event pick-of-the-week) from the intellectually dishonest Seattle Weekly:

Dennis Kucinich: The Ohio congressman and 2004 presidential candidate discusses the effects of the Iraq war on working-class families; he's joined by Air America's Rachel Maddow and several reps from Gold Star Families for Peace. Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave., 253-471-1123. $15 (suggested). 7 p.m. Sun., Oct. 9.

Of course, what you'll never read about in the Seattle Weekly: the effects of Air America on inner-city families, especially those whose children are Boys & Girls Club members. Maddow has yet to address the scandal in a public forum. So much for her credibility.

We're back to regular publishing today, after a nasty Blogger outage yesterday shut it all down. Luckily, we're moving soon.

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  • It's just a matter of time before advertisers start suing AAR for overstating listenership.

    By Blogger Lidsville, at 06 October, 2005 10:03  

  • I think "honest" and "Air America" are two things that just will never go together.

    Come to think of it - "honesty" and "liberal" have some problems, too.

    By Blogger Tom C, at 06 October, 2005 12:56  


    Your jokes are getting a little better, TomC.

    Here's that list again just in cae you forgot.

    Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, Jack Abramoff, Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, David Safavian, Timothy Flanigan, Bob Taft, Randy Cunningham, Ernie Fletcher, George Ryan.


    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 06 October, 2005 13:28  

  • They included Lanpher because they needed some sweet, swingin' librarian eye candy.

    The biggest insult here should be the headline. Surely Al Franken isn't the only intelligence to be found on radio.

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 06 October, 2005 13:42  

  • And philm, here's a list and details about YOUR side.

    Corruption and ethics violations abound on the Democratic side.

    *shakes head* The Democratic Party sure is a culture of corruption and unethical behavior.

    Just wait Philm until it catches up with your party.

    Ever wonder why the Dem pols don't speak out louder about the Republicans? It's because they are just as or more corrupt.

    Some on the list you presented are certainly not guilty. Some probably are. I'm not excusing the Republicans who are guilty, but people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    By Blogger Linn, at 06 October, 2005 13:47  

  • Linn said "Some on the list you presented are certainly not guilty."

    how do you know? how can you refute the allegations against those on Phil's list that "are certainly not guilty." i'm not going to say that they definitely are guilty, but there are allegations against them. what evidence do you have that suggests they aren't? and it had better be more than just "the liberals are after them" because that is the coward's way out. provide evidence or shut it.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 06 October, 2005 14:07  

  • ha ha ha ha

    Phil, you are going to LOVE Louis Freeh's new book.

    ha ha ha ha

    That will put the big stink on anyone who has anything to do with The Bent One.

    Which will pretty much be the end of the national Democratic party.


    By Blogger Tom C, at 06 October, 2005 14:45  

  • how can you refute the allegations against those on Phil's list that "are certainly not guilty."

    Kind of sums it all up. Notarized documents, stockholder meetings, NYC DOI shutdown of GW, and the libs say "Well, you can't PROVE anything."

    Meanwhile all they have are accusations against Republicans - and their standards for them is "Well, you can't PROVE they are innocent!"

    I love it, I just sit and laugh at how sad you guys are.

    You point to Bush's numbers while not having anyone who could possibly run and win - you guys are held in LOWER esteem.

    Dream on, dream on.

    Meanwhile, you are looking at a Republican Dynasty that will last for a generation, reinvigorating the American people while spreading freedom to every corner of the globe.

    All you guys can do is wish you had some power and influence back.

    Well we ain't going to give it to you, and never again will the American people!


    By Blogger Tom C, at 06 October, 2005 14:55  

  • Meanwhile, you are looking at a Republican Dynasty that will last for a generation,

    What a bleak prospect for the USA!
    IF this happens, the biggest spending administration in US history is only the beginning to trillions of dollars in deficit debts which is being bought primarily by China in a massive shift in global power away from the US; continue to export US jobs to China and India; continue to bog down our military in unnecessary wars spending untold billions that could be used to secure our homeland; continue to lower education standards by forcing religion to be taught in science classes while the Chinese and the Indians continue to clean our clock; continue to collude with oil interests so rising gas prices increasingly cripple the American economy and consumer while resisting any moves towards energy independence or energy alternatives; continue to do nothing on immigration flooding this country with an underclass of undocumented immigrant workers; continue to divide this country along religious lines; continue to do nothing about the rising rates of poverty; and continue the largesse and enrichment of DC lobbyists and Republican insiders while ignoring the real needs of ordinary Americans.

    Welcome to TomC's future.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 06 October, 2005 15:48  

  • Where do the lying propagandists find time to write this shit?

    I thought they spent all their time beating up little poor kids and sick old people and taking their money to support their metaphorical crack habit of a radio network.

    By Blogger Crapdog, at 06 October, 2005 15:51  

  • And philm, here's a list and details about YOUR side.
    Corruption and ethics violations abound on the Democratic side.

    *shakes head* The Democratic Party sure is a culture of corruption and unethical behavior.

    Hey Linn, what makes you think Margolis and Noonan from GOP Bloggers have any credibility? But The National Enquirer would certainly be proud of their work. No indictments or arrests anywhere though.

    **laughs again**
    The GOP is definitely way ahead on this score.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 06 October, 2005 23:23  

  • The GOP is definitely way ahead on this score.

    Ahead in both houses of Congress, the first majority in a presidential election in years, and every year picking up more state legilatures and governorships.

    The Roberts hearing vote shows where the libs are nowadays - despite vociferous objections from groups like NOW and the other far left democRAT organizations, they could only muster 22 votes against him, and those were the usual suspects - Kennedy, Schumer and that crowd.

    The libs are done.

    By Blogger Tom C, at 07 October, 2005 13:14  

  • ... and every day more crooked Repuglicans are being investigated, hauled before grand juries, indicted, arrested and frogmarched to jail, squealing "I didn't do it",...

    The fetid filthy tide of Repuglican slime has turned.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 07 October, 2005 13:41  

  • Why did Air America take all that public money?

    By Blogger Mary, at 07 October, 2005 22:42  

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